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Meet Pradeep Kumar - The Blogger and his BookWritten app

Published : Sep 29, 2019, 7:15 am IST
Updated : Sep 29, 2019, 7:15 am IST

Inspired by Goodreads, Pradeep decided to make his own minimal and comfortable version.

Pradeep Kumar (Photo: File)
 Pradeep Kumar (Photo: File)

Do you always wanted to read books, but you have no idea how to remember their names? Yes, of course, you can write it down on a piece of paper, or you can use any of your random Notes app to type them. But, what if there is a minimal way to achieve all this?

Pradeep Kumar's BookWritten app is a key solution to all this. Inspired by Goodreads, Pradeep decided to make his own minimal and comfortable version. In this app book lovers can easily remember the books they want to read, the ones they already read, and the ones they keep in their home or office.

He is a blogger running an Indian Blog Network called Slashsquare and BookWritten is a part of it. While asking about this app, Pradeep Kumar said, "I'm a lazy reader myself, I always blame my laziness for not reading more books. I decided to convert this into a solution and prepare an app for my laziness. If I can solve my laziness, then I'm pretty sure I can do the same for several like-minded folks out there."

After the era of Netflix and Prime, people spend most of their time on visual content and forget about reading books. They need a constant reminder that there are plenty of unread books in their read-list or home/office. According to Pradeep Kumar, "People are usually confused about the books they have in their home. I ordered a book from Amazon only realize that I already have this book in my home. This is where our app's search functionality comes handy. You can create a list of the books you have on your home/office and use the search option to check if you already have the book or not before you order a new one."

Pradeep Kumar is from Chennai and completed his engineering there. He started blogging right from his school days. This helped him to understand how the whole blogging environment works and how he can make something useful to the community.

BookWritten got revamped recently, and it will be available on both Android and iOS very soon. Users can open the app and have a glimpse of the books they want to read next. This will be extremely useful when you go to a library or a bookstore and confused about which book you should borrow or buy; you don't have to worry about all that, you just have to open the app and see the books you have on your read-list.

Pradeep Kumar's thoughts about the future of this app: "Our goal is to make more people read books, especially those who always wanted to read but lazy to take the next step forward. We'll be implementing a lot of new features very soon, and we'll encourage them further to read more books."

In a world stuck between Paperbacks and Kindle, people always find time for something else apart from reading. It doesn't matter which format one picks as long as it involves reading. Reading is not just about timepass or entertainment, it's a feeling, and it helps us a lot to build our imagination and paint our own world.

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