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  Life   More Features  31 May 2018

Life, More features, 31 May 2018

Vogue cover of Saudi princess behind wheel spurs controversy

The Vogue Arabia issue also features other "inspirational" Saudi women.

31 May 2018 8:44 PM

UK Vogue names 'campaigning feminist' Meghan Markle among top influential women

Other names to make the list of influential women include human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

31 May 2018 7:46 PM

Standing at 6ft 2in, 12-year-old girl becomes world's tallest pre-teen

Her life-threatening genetic disorder is affecting the body’s connective issues.

31 May 2018 5:32 PM

1.2 billion children threatened by war, poverty, discrimination: study

More than 575 million girls live in countries "where gender bias is a serious issue".

31 May 2018 5:21 PM

God’s punishment for breaking Ramzan fast: Preacher on Liverpool player Mo Salah's injury

According to preacher, although Muslims are allowed to stop fasting for travel, eating to play football was not legitimate excuse.

31 May 2018 2:20 PM


The mother of all lizards found in Italian Alps

The stone, dug up in Egypt, allowed scientists to decipher hieroglyphics.

31 May 2018 1:02 PM

Hunter who killed wild buffalo is gored to death by another member of herd

The trophy hunter had gunned down a buffalo in South Africa when a second beast from the same herd gored him to death,

31 May 2018 12:31 PM

The jealousy bell trolls

More and more stars are trolled by fans who are either jealous or just unable to assimilate their success.

31 May 2018 7:11 AM

Shaadi ke special effects

A finance mind who decided to pursue his passion, Anand Rathi’s most-recent project was the Sonam-Anand wedding.

31 May 2018 7:07 AM

Digging up the past

When Smriti Irani took oath as a Union Minister in 2014, the pictures and videos from her earlier TV stint were splashed across social media.

31 May 2018 6:55 AM


Sting operations show big media in poor light

The series of videos is on the Internet again after a plea in the court dealt with a specific media house.

31 May 2018 1:17 AM

Diamonds: a sentiment, not an investment

They say diamonds are forever but when looked at as investments, these sparkly gems unfortunately don’t make the cut.

31 May 2018 1:16 AM