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Here are the wedding trends of 2018

Published : Oct 4, 2018, 3:31 pm IST
Updated : Oct 4, 2018, 3:31 pm IST

Here are some of the latest, fresh-from-the-oven trends that you might want to execute for a fabulous wedding experience.

Nowadays, people try to be as creative as they can possibly be with the invitation cards.
 Nowadays, people try to be as creative as they can possibly be with the invitation cards.

New Delhi: When you are in the midst of planning a wedding, browsing through websites and going through wedding magazines just to keep yourself updated with the current trends, becomes a daily ritual. It's mostly because you want the wedding to be perfect and unique at the same time.

Well, now you can take a deep breath and relax because we have got it all covered for you.

Here are some of the latest, fresh-from-the-oven trends that you might want to execute for a fabulous wedding experience.

Wedding invitation: You know how they say the first impression is the last one, well, that's what wedding invites are all about. It's like a little teaser to your wedding, and you want it to be as fancy as the actual ceremony would be.

Physical invites: Gone are the days when people used to invite the guests with just a card, now it's about accessorising the invite. While the trend started with adding just a simple box of sweets to the invitation cards, mostly Boondi ke laddu, it sure did not end there.

Nowadays, people try to be as creative as they can possibly be with the invitation cards.

Keepsake boxes: More and more people are going for keepsake boxes these days because when you spend time on choosing the perfect box for your invitation, the last thing you want is people throwing it away.

These boxes can contain absolutely anything from incense stick to handmade soaps to chocolate to dried fruits, depending on your choice.

Hansa, a Delhi based wedding card designer said, "We come up with a new flavour for every season. For summer, we go for more fruity flavours like mango and peach and for winters, we go for flavours like honey, jaggery, and flavoured sesame seeds. We use organic glue to keep the edible items away from any kind of chemicals."

Video Invites: It's exactly what it sounds like, an invite in the form of a video. Emailing and WhatsApping the invite is so last season, these days people are going for video invites. Designers create slides for all the information you would put in a physical wedding card and present it in continuation with background music of your choice.

While some people like to send video invites in addition to the physical invites, there are people who go for only video invites, thus saving a lot of money and paper.

"There are couples who come to us saying they want their video invite to tell their love story, and we do it," Hansa said.

Makeup trends: A bride should look nothing less than a princess on her wedding day. And makeup gives her that flawless touch to keeps other people from stealing her thunder on her big day..

Gone are the days when brides used to arrive at the venue all caked up in makeup. Today, women are going with a more minimal look. Makeup artists have switched to high definition makeup and air brush techniques for a more natural, subtle and fresh look.

Explaining this, Vanya Arora, a makeup artist said, "We call it 'Second skin look', if you look at the bride, you won't be able to make out if she is wearing makeup, it's that natural."

All matt look has been replaced by dewy look, which makes the bride look fresh and gives her skin a healthy finish. Ditching the whole 'red lips for brides look' stereotype, brides are also leaning towards softer, more neutral and soothing pastel colours and ivory shades.

A lot of these trends come from Bollywood. "When Anushka Sharma married Kohli, women used to ask for the same look. The same happened when Sonam Kapoor got married," said Vanya.

Wedding day: One of the biggest days of your life can be nothing less than fabulous! It should be everything you ever imagined it to be. So, be as creative as you want to.

Themed Entry: It's your wedding and you are the show stopper of the night, so enter like one. Entering with your friends by your side with slow classical music playing in the background is a thing of the past. Couples, these days, are going for themed entries. This can range anywhere from entering with background dancers to entering in Cinderella's pumpkin carriage.

Selfie Booth: A beautifully decorated area at the wedding venue, exclusively meant for clicking selfies. Your friends and family members invest a lot of time and thought into getting ready for your wedding and you don't want them to roam around in search of a perfect background for a glamorous picture.

People these days like to keep props in the selfie booths so that the guests can have a fun photo session and get some perfect pictures for their Instagram.

Hangover kit:  Just in case the night gets too wild and you wake up with a hangover. It's a small kit that contains a painkiller, lemonade, water bottle, a little snack, mouthwash and other things to help you fix that hangover.

Abhyank Tiwari, a Noida based wedding planner said, "Cocktail party is fun during the night but leaves everybody with a terrible hangover the following morning. Keeping this in mind, people ask us to keep the kits ready so that their guests can continue to enjoy all the ceremonies."

Broaches: The 'Betiwale' and 'Ladkewale' broaches are in trend these days. Some people prefer distributing these it at the wedding venue itself while others send them with the wedding invitations. You can even play with the designs and get customized broaches.

Photography: Photographs area an inseparable part of a wedding, it's the best way to document one of the happiest moments of your life.

While pre-wedding photo shoot is still trending, with the prevailing tradition of arranged marriages, not all Indian families are comfortable with the idea of letting the newly engaged couple get photographed holding hands and posing intimately. So, the couples who miss the pre-wedding photo shoots are going for post-wedding shoots.

However, the pre-wedding photo shoot is successfully maintaining its charm. But unlike before, when photographers would click some random pictures of the to-be bride and groom at a pretty location, couples now want these photos to tell their love story.

Saurabh, a Delhi based photographer said, "Pre-wedding photo shoots are getting more and more personal these days. People come to us with their own love stories and we recreate it in form of series of pictures. This way they can relive all the moments that are close to their hearts."

To avoid the pain of looking for a stranger every time they want a decent picture while sightseeing, couples these days also hire photographers on their honeymoon destination.

Since we have you covered, go on and nail the latest wedding trends like a boss!

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