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People may soon be able to climax with orgasm buttons

Published : Jul 6, 2017, 3:26 pm IST
Updated : Jul 6, 2017, 7:30 pm IST

Scientists have been working on coming up with a way to cause orgasms without genital simulation for decades.

People being treated for Parkinson's also claimed to experience sexual pleasure (Photo: Pixabay)
 People being treated for Parkinson's also claimed to experience sexual pleasure (Photo: Pixabay)

Orgasms have been much talked about in the past few years with people becoming more aware about sexuality and giving more importance to sexual pleasure in relationships. A lot has been said about how to get better and more frequent orgasms, as the female orgasms also became a subject of importance and controversy that followed.

Experts have been trying to find out a way to ensure orgasm for everyone whenever they want, and it seems that this ‘orgasm button’ might soon become a reality. The basis of the idea is that an orgasm is basically energy and drugs in motion in the brain, and it can be triggered with thoughts alone, even if there is no genital simulation.

An orgasm is caused when simulation of genitals and nerves linked to them sends signals to the brain. This is followed by synchronisation between brain waves and the external simulation, after which muscles contract in rhythm lighting up more than two dozen parts of the brain.

What researchers are trying to do is to cut out the build up to the surge of chemicals in the brain, as a scientist in the 50s cut holes in skulls of patients to run wires in their brain and juice an area till they felt orgasmic sensations. Deep brain simulation for diagnosis of Parkinson’s diseases has also been reported to make some patients feel sexual pleasure.

Stuart Meloy patented the orgasm button in 1996 after he accidentally came up with it while threading a woman’s spinal nerves with electrodes during treatment for chronic back pain. Realising how women struggle to orgasm, Meloy decided to systemise the experience through a device that is implanted near the spine and zaps the brain through nerves to cause people to climax.

The generator known as ‘Orgasmatron’ is yet to undergo FDA trials due to lack of finances and potential patients, and it might turn out to be really expensive when it finally reaches the markets.

In the past research has suggested how a certain musical note can cause women to orgasm and how sound waves can help men get better erections, as more recent studies have revealed that sending shock waves through the penis can cure erectile dysfunction.

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