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Hypersexuality makes people masturbate in their sleep

Published : Feb 8, 2017, 5:39 pm IST
Updated : Feb 8, 2017, 5:39 pm IST

The disorder causes unwanted sexual thoughts and makes people watch porn all day.

They even masturbate in their sleep (Photo: Pixabay)
 They even masturbate in their sleep (Photo: Pixabay)

Sexual desire is found among almost all adults in the world on varying degrees, as sexual desire can vary on various factors including age and mental state of a person. There are also some who identify as asexual since they don’t have sexual desire at all.

While several people have been struggling with a lack of desire for having sex due to anxiety among other reasons, but there is also a condition where the motivation is just too much for an individual to handle, and while such people have for long been dismissed as nymphomaniac, they are now called hypersexual.

The disorder has drastic psychological implications as those suffering from hypersexuality are plagued by unwanted sexual thoughts flooding their mind, be it at work, spending time with friends and family or even sleeping. They obsessively watch pornography, masturbate all day and tend to visit sex workers and excessively talk about sex.

The effect is such that people even start masturbating in their sleep, and many have even lost their jobs due to hypersexuality, since they are either late for work and often watch porn at work or take leaves for watching porn at home all day.

Medication is one of the factors known to cause this disorder in people, while neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s have also been cited as conditions triggering hypersexual behaviour. The disorder doesn’t stop at uncontrollable urge for sex, but also causes anxiety and depression.

The condition that can only be treated by medical intervention, is also a battle for partners of hypersexual people who find it difficult to cope with such high sexual desire.

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