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  Life   Relationship  14 May 2017  Woman gets paid by men just to humiliate them

Woman gets paid by men just to humiliate them

Published : May 14, 2017, 4:08 pm IST
Updated : May 14, 2017, 4:08 pm IST

Her boyfriend supports her career choice and she has also helped men save their marriage.

Ari is a professional dominatrix (Photo: Instagram)
 Ari is a professional dominatrix (Photo: Instagram)

People have been exploring their sexuality with rise in awareness and people are also talking about sexual fetishes and getting adventurous in bed with their partner. But for people who are reluctant to come out with their ideas are also finding a way to experiment.

31-year-old Araneae ‘Ari’ Mactans is a dominatrix and men actually approach her to walk all over them. They pay her around Rs 15000 an hour to whip them and humiliate them through verbal abuse. She says that many clients told her that this has helped save their marriage.

Mactans had her first experience with the fetish as a 19-year-old when she was enthusiastic about the gothic scene and was approached by a stranger to whip him at a club. The experience was new, but left her feeling empowered, as she set up her own website by age 25.

The men have been able to save their marriage as they get to try out fantasies which they can’t do with their partners. Ari also receives requests for men wanting her to smother them with her feet and she has been pretty open to such ideas.

Her boyfriend completely supports the career she has chosen, and Ari has by far made over Rs 2 million from men who are ready to pay her for humiliating them.

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