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Yin & Yang | Mind your sex position

Published : Aug 14, 2020, 7:52 pm IST
Updated : Aug 14, 2020, 7:52 pm IST

Dr Narayana Reddy answers questions on sex and sexuality

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Q Hello, I wanted to know if a girl is a virgin and she has sex for the first time my question is, “is her virgina strechted or physically damaged for life? if so, will her virgina ever be the same again before she had sex for the first time? I was told by many women it’s very painful! Please let me know as soon as possible as this question has been troubling me for years. Thanking you.

The Vagina may be stretched during intercourse but it will regain in its original shape soon after the act. It will not be damaged if the intercourse is done in a proper and gentle manner.

If the penetration occurs after the vagina has lubricated sufficiently then there will not be any pain. Of course the woman has to be absolutely comfortable with the partner and relaxed during sex.

Q I have been married for past three months and working in a gulf country. I spend only 10 days in 3 months with my wife. My wife is a bank official and is stressed at the end of the day.  My wife communicates less about sex. When we have sex she is wet but I can feel her pubic  bone rubbing against my penis during intercourse which hurts a lot.  I tried various positions but still i can feel the bone. Is there something I am doing wrong or is my wife not excited fully? Please give your valuable suggestions regarding this.

You say that your wife is wet. It means that she is sexually aroused. Regarding the feeling that you are touching a bone, you need to get your wife examined by a doctor. It is difficult to assess without a physical (pelvic) examination. Probably you are better off doing sex in the rear entry (doggy) posture.

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