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Pack it right!

Published : May 1, 2017, 12:39 am IST
Updated : May 1, 2017, 12:39 am IST

Here’s a quick checklist to help you plan and pack for the awesome summer vacation you always wanted.

Representative Images
 Representative Images

With the scorching summer having kicked off already, many of you might have planned a trip to escape the heat, while a few might look for an adventurous expedition. For tourists and travellers, packing the right accessories and gear is the most essential thing that can make or break their tours.

In order to make the packing experience feel seamless, we suggest some essentials you need to carry while you embark on that dream trip — while keeping it within budget!

Clothing Raincoats
A raincoat is the primary item that you would need to pack while going someplace wet, and we stress you take ones which are lightweight as it would free up a lot of space in your bag. Also make sure that you get a raincoat that would complement most outfits and make you look fashionably dry!

Convertible pants
While you’re on a road trip, you might sometimes experience unpredictable temperature and this is when convertible pants that turn into trousers come in handy. In case of humidity, you can simply zip off your pants and travel in shorts without having to change midway.

When you opt for jackets, make sure that you get one with plenty of pockets. While it might be very handy to store your gadgets in, many travelers also feel that jackets might be used as pillows if needed.

Safety kits
First aid kits and medicine

All of you might be quite aware, but here is a quick recap of a primary first aid kit that you must carry — bandages, ace bandage, antiseptic, tweezers, scissors and also cotton-tipped applicators. Apart from these, we would also suggest you carry a bug spray, which many forget and later regret.

Pepper spray
Definitely a must-have for women. It will not only be useful when you need to use it for self-defense, but will also make you feel more secure during travel. But as some airlines don’t let you to carry it, make sure that you buy the spray once you land at your destination.

Motion relief wrist band
A lot of people suffer due to motion sickness and if it is keeping you away from planning vacations, you can carry motion relief wristbands with you. According to regular travelers, these bands use acupressure to significantly decrease the symptoms of nausea.

For adventurers/ explorers

For those who are planning a forest safari or wish to do a birding trip, binoculars are must-haves. Also, night vision binoculars with features like inter-pupillary adjustment and individual focusing eyepieces are highly recommended.

Though you might have a smartphone with extraordinary features, they still are no match to a decent camera, especially if you want to document your travel. We suggest you carry a camera that is water-proof, temperature resistant and is loaded with a GPS tracker.

Head lamp
For pre-dawn and post-dusk adventures, you can carry a headlamp, which should ideally have touch sensitive features, as you need not continuously fidget, and a simple tap on the lamp will ensure you get the necessary brightness during your expedition.

Passport holder

This kit is absolutely essential to have when you’re on an overseas vacation. Instead of having to look into your bags every time when you’re asked to show your passport, a kit which can hold your passport, other ID proofs and travel documents would be very useful.

Selecting the ideal backpack is both crucial and tricky — as they’re allowed as carry-on luggage in flights, make sure you get a backpack of width and length that is not restricted in the airline in which you travel. Apart from that, check if your backpack has features that include a comfortable padded hip belt, carry handles, zip away shoulder straps and hip belt, and a ventilated back.

Gum boots

Gum boots are essential if you are taking a casual stroll around destinations that are known for wet weather and frequent rains. Though it might not complement some outfits, sometimes, comfort should be given more importance, right?

Hiking boots
A pair of hiking boots is a must if you’re exploring mountains and trails. But given all that, we recommend you also carry them only if you’re a hardcore hiker — since hiking boots are not very handy when it comes to packing. So, if you’re a casual hiker, walking shoes make a better option.

Though basic, flip-flops are an absolute necessity for any traveler who’s heading to any kind of destination — especially if you stay in a hotel or a hostel. Apart from that, it would be very comfortable if you’re heading to beach

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