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On the trail of local delicacies

Published : Mar 28, 2018, 12:09 am IST
Updated : Mar 28, 2018, 12:09 am IST

The concept of gastronomic travel is becoming popular now.

Divya Sharda with her husband
 Divya Sharda with her husband

Wanderlust is never completely satiated without indulging in what a destination has to offer in terms of local cuisine. Unsurprisingly, young Indian travellers are taking gastronomia rather seriously — checking into exotic locales solely to discover food wonders through myriad trails and explorative tribulations! Intrepid travellers tell us more.

“Going for a tapas tour in Spain was one of the most memorable of experiences. We went snacking on zamora and toro to jamon, which Spain is known for. We tried cold cuts and rissoles, fried starters with salad and also beef croquettes,” begins Ayesha Sanchez, an avid traveller and communication professional from Bengaluru. Equally enticing drinks followed. “Most places actually give you a drink along with a small starter, the point being you don’t drink on an empty stomach. And in most places across Spain, the small tapas are free. Even Madrid and Barcelona have their famed tapas tours that take you through a tipple and gourmet tour of Yuma, across small taverns and pubs. We had octopus and huevos rotos,” she enthuses.


Ticking off similar gastronomical fetishes from his bucket list, Divin Devaiah, a 25-year-old Bengaluru-based cinematographer, reminisces his visit to the interiors of Karnataka where he discovered seafood and reptile delicacies! “Once you ask locals about their food, they tend to loosen up. I was served a tortoise cooked locally by the Kuruba tribes of Nagarahole. The tender meat, which was covered in a rich coating of a spicy marinade, is served with rice. The local Kuruba tribe members rely on whatever is available around them and tortoise meat is a delicacy for them.”

Turtle meat and rice.Turtle meat and rice.

While picturesque destinations like Santorini often make for great Instagram pictures, a few are willing to steer clear of the same ol’ and discover these conventional vacation places in a different light. Speaking of the same, Divya Sharda, a radio professional, who went on an exploration trip to Santorini, says, “My husband and I checked into this quaint family-run eatery somewhere in the middle of nowhere, while we were driving down from the red beach towards Fira. The eatery served us dolmades — stuffed grape leaves (with cheese stuffing) — and a vegetarian moussaka. So depending on the grape type, the taste differs. The taste is very unique and I don’t think everyone can enjoy it. Pungent may be the closest association.”

 Speaking of what drives one to get experimental, Divin opines, “My  job requires me to understand the people I work with on a deeper level. And food was my inlet into their lives. In my opinion, it is important to have an open mind, especially if you want a wholesome travel experience.”

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