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  Metros   Mumbai  08 Feb 2018  Suicide attempts embarrass government

Suicide attempts embarrass government

Published : Feb 8, 2018, 4:44 am IST
Updated : Feb 8, 2018, 4:44 am IST

Opp flays state, says it has failed to address problems.


Mumbai: Repeated suicide attempts at Mantralaya are becoming a source of embarrassment for the state government. Despite various security measures, it has been unable to prevent suicide attempts. People visit Mantralaya as a last resort to get their work done. 

However, it is also an indication of how the government machinery at the lower level is not satisfying the people and they are forced to come to Mantralaya even for minor issues, said sources. 

The opposition is blaming it on the government’s apathy towards the public.

The suicide attempt on Wednesday showed that not only farmers but even unemployed youth are upset with the government. 

Criticising the government, Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant said, “Only giving assurances will not help. The farmers and the youth are committing suicide in Mantralaya because their grievances are not being addressed by the false advertisements of the government. It is really sad that unemployed youth are left with no other option but to take their own lives, as the ultimate authority is not responding to them.” 

Social activist Dr Vivek Korde pointed out that the ministers have centralised the powers and the administration at the district level cannot resolve the issues. 

“The people are forced to come to Mantralaya when their issues can’t be sorted out at the district level. Also unemployment is a problem in the state and it has never been addressed by the government machinery,” Korde said. The people come to Mantralaya for issues like admissions, transfers, change in 7/12 and to invite ministers for programmes. This work can be done at the district level or in the constituencies of the ministers as well. 

Meanwhile, the government has taken measures to prevent such attempts. “There are about 4,000 people who visit Mantralaya every day. On the cabinet day, which is Tuesday, the crowd swells to about 5,000. It is very difficult to know the reason for their visit. Now the security pass has been computerised, keeping note of the person and from where he is coming. But we have taken a few security measures to curb the unnecessary crowd,” a police official from the Mantralaya security said. 

The government is going to close all the open windows in Mantralaya after a man tried to jump from them. A visitors’ lounge will be created at garden gate where the visitors can wait till their appointment instead of wondering inside Mantralaya, the official added. 

Visiting Mantralaya

  • Around 4,000 people visit Mantralaya everyday
  • Around 5000 visit on the cabinet day. 
  • Grills of Rs 12 crore to be put to close open windows 
  • Visitors lounge will be created at the Garden gate. 
  • Visitors will have computerised entry passes, which they will have to display while visiting. 
  • Number of cars visiting Mantralaya have been restricted. 
  • People have to show the entry pass before entering the CM’s office. 
  • CCTV cameras have been installed on every floor and outside every office. 

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