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  Metros   Mumbai  25 Nov 2017  Lalita Salve’s operation likely to cost between Rs 15-20 lakhs

Lalita Salve’s operation likely to cost between Rs 15-20 lakhs

Published : Nov 25, 2017, 2:51 am IST
Updated : Nov 25, 2017, 2:51 am IST

According to medicos from the state-run J.J Hospital, the constable will have to be on hormones all her life.

Lalita Salve
 Lalita Salve

Mumbai: Police constable Lalita Salve (29) does not need a normal female to male reconstruction surgery since she already has some part of the male sex organ developed in her, says her plastic surgeon, who is going to perform the surgery on her. Salve is likely to take a month to transform completely into a male, she has multiple surgeries that she has to undergo. According to medicos from the state-run J.J Hospital, the constable will have to be on hormones all her life. The hospital will be carrying out Salve’s surgeries but since the matter is still sub-judice, a nod from the government is awaited.

Salve has been feeling like a boy for many years, because of gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria. This is usually corrected with gender affirmation surgery, also called Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), said Dr Ashok Anand, head of the gynaecology department at J. J. Hospital said. He added, “There are various stages and series of test, as well as steps involved as the sex change surgery is not like any routine surgery. It involves a multidisciplinary approach. She needs to undergo psychological counselling post surgery.”

Talking to The Asian Age, Dr Rajat Kapoor, head of plastic surgery at J.J. Hospital said, “We have carried out a couple of tests on her and she is ready for sex change surgery. We usually use a part of the forearm forconstructing the male sex organ, but in her case, there is some part which is already developed, so we may use another procedure which comprises of male sex organ implants.” He added, “In her case specially, we need to work on the type of implant which can be placed as we need to construct a passage to pass urine through the male sex organ.

Speaking about the kind of sex life Salve can have after the operation, Dr Kapoor  said, “Salve would not be able to ejaculate sperm despite having a penis as that function will be absent but she can enjoy a normal sex life with orgasms.”  He also added that the cost of the operation would be Rs 15-20 lakhs, whereas in a private hospital, it would be more than Rs 30 lakhs.

Procedure and SRS

  • Salve has to go through mastectomy to remove her breasts
  • Hysterectomy to remove the uterus
  • Bilateral salpingo – oophorectomy (BSO) to remove ovaries and fallopian tubes
  • Vaginectomy or removal of vagina.
  • Construction of the penis and the urethra.
  • An inflatable pump would be inserted to enable erection.
  • SRS from female to male includes procedure, which alter female anatomical traits to those of a male. It is preceded by hormone treatment with testosterone.

Gender Identity Disorder
When a person feels trapped in the body of the opposite sex. Two independent psychiatrists have to evaluate patient and certify that he/she has GID and wants to undergo surgery voluntarily.

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