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Shocker by Islamic clerics

Published : Jul 19, 2018, 12:05 am IST
Updated : Jul 18, 2018, 11:25 pm IST

The AIMPLB is an NGO and has no legal standing, though in Muslim society it has some acceptance.

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It’s simply outrageous that Muslim women daring to speak out against triple talaq and halala — the shocking medieval practice of a woman divorcee being forced to marry and consummate the marriage with someone even for a few hours if she wishes to remarry her previous husband — have been treated so badly by Islamic clerics.

It was reported that in Bareilly, UP, the imam issued a fatwa that Nida Khan must be excommunicated, that social contacts of all Muslims with her must compulsorily cease, and that the woman must not be offered even the last prayers upon her death.


The imam has evidently laid himself open to criminal proceedings for an act that derogates from a woman’s dignity and for inciting an entire community against her in the guise of preserving the faith. He must be made to answer a few questions.

Another UP Muslim woman, Shabina, a victim of halala, also appears to face social boycott at the instigation of self-appointed keepers of the Islamic flame for the crime of going to the press, this newspaper has reported.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board must clarify its position. Its secretary Zafaryab Gilani appears to be a total innocent. He has reportedly said he isn’t aware if halala, that according to him has Quranic sanction, was subjected to abuse. This stand seems ludicrous when the media routinely carries stories on the gross abuse of halala. The AIMPLB is an NGO and has no legal standing, though in Muslim society it has some acceptance. Its senior members and office-bearers must speak with greater circumspection and balance.


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