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  Opinion   Edit  27 May 2023  AA Edit | Many successes, a few misses as Narendra Modi govt turns 9

AA Edit | Many successes, a few misses as Narendra Modi govt turns 9

Published : May 27, 2023, 12:48 am IST
Updated : May 27, 2023, 12:48 am IST

Any citizen would agree that the following areas were those where his government tasted its greatest successes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Photo: PTI)
 Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Photo: PTI)

Like a phoenix did Narendra Modi rise; a controversial and successful chief minister from Gujarat who brought his party to power with an absolute majority, ending a decade-long reign of the Congress Party-led UPA. Looking back, any citizen, whatsoever their political leanings, would agree that the following areas were those where his government tasted its greatest successes.

* Ending corruption with DCT: From times when we would be openly frustrated by the truth of a leakage of 85 paisa out of each rupee released for welfare by Central or state government, the Narendra Modi government totally ended corruption and leakages through the direct cash transfer (DCT), using the base of biometric-based Aadhaar card and Jan Dhan accounts.

* Digital payments: The entire world has stood up to cheer India’s successful transformation into a digital payments-driven economy. The UPI has now begun international integrations, starting with the Middle East, ensuring Indians can pay or receive money on their phones.

* Infrastructure: India’s ambition changed from tinkering with its weak, third-world-minded infra to creating world-class infrastructure. New-age airports, seaports, roads and highways are being created for both better connectivity and economic growth.

* Railways: It must stand for mention separately — from metro rail projects for urban connectivity, decongestion and improved quality of life to railway lines and new trains like Vande Bharat achieving greater speed.

* Foreign affairs and increasing international stature: From the US, which now considers India its key ally, and the Middle East, which wants to further augment deep historic ties, to Europe and Australia, India has continued its pursuit of good relationship. The Quad, G-20 presidency, and several other multilateral partnerships are signs of the growing stature of India under Mr Modi.          

* Made in India: Looking beyond exports, India has started increasing its focus on encouraging manufacturing. Several major corporations are turning towards India. Early forays, and India is far behind China on that count, but at least we are off the block.

* Reforms and ease of doing business: A series of reforms in administrative, business, fiscal, tax and investment laws and norms has eased business, including the speed for investors and those setting base.

* Ram Temple and Article 370: The setting up of a social context where all parties agreed to adhere to the Supreme Court verdict on the Ayodhya Ram Temple, or showcasing parliamentary might to do away with the temporary provisions of Article 370 and 35(A) have ensured that India looks forward.

* Decisive, risk-taking leadership: Nothing has been a more refreshing change than the working of a leadership that takes risks, does not put a moratorium on policy for electoral reasons and is intrepid.

And yet, the Modi government was found wanting on some issues and could do better.

* Communal tensions: Everything cannot and should not be about religion.

* Job creation: Enough jobs could not be created to match expectations. Despite focus on Start-Up India and Mudra loans, still a lot more needs to be done.

* Inflation: Price rise of energy (petrol, diesel, cooking gas, and electricity), food items and other essentials has hurt people.

* Institutions under attack: The ruling party must fight elections and try to defeat the Opposition parties but cannot weaken institutions and misuse agencies. Even a perception of this must be eschewed and removed.

Finally, good and bad: The handling of the Covid-19 pandemic was a great achievement of the Modi government, including free vaccines for everyone and then the vaccine diplomacy. Free rations for the poor were a greatly laudable achievement. But the sudden lockdowns and the second wave left a tinge of failure.

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