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AA Edit | Calling the cops on Opp.? Bihar ruckus probe must

In light of this, what was witnessed in the Bihar Assembly last Tuesday can only fill every Indian with shame

26 Mar 2021 4:35 AM

AA Edit | Shot eligibility expansion route out of return wave

The decision to open up the vaccination programme and include all those who are aged 45 years and above is a welcome move

25 Mar 2021 4:50 AM

AA Edit | Lanka: A lost opportunity

In abstaining from the vote on the UNHC resolution against Sri Lanka, India may have been attempting to find a pragmatic balance

25 Mar 2021 4:06 AM

AA Edit | Rural surge scary, act now to stop second Covid wave

While the first phase of Covid wave was in the metros and big cities of the country, the recent surge is reported from rural areas, too

19 Mar 2021 4:56 AM

AA Edit | Guns, racism & crime in US

As an epidemic, hate crime is on the rise in the USA, its graph exploding exponentially since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic

19 Mar 2021 4:12 AM


AA Edit | China’s Catch-22 on vaccine

Vaccination for all must be a universal goal at present, and every nation, including China, should be part of it

18 Mar 2021 4:46 AM

AA Edit | Why does Centre want a 'viceroy' to run Delhi?

Modi govt plans to constitutionally aggrandise the office of the lieutenant governor of Delhi at the expense of the elected CM of the UT

18 Mar 2021 4:20 AM

AA Edit | Soul-search for Sarah

In India, or in countries outside Western Europe and North America, such happenings will be criticised but will not be unusual

17 Mar 2021 9:00 AM

AA Edit | Competitive, compulsive: TN’s ‘poll freebie’ culture

The 2021 freebie promise has been the most extensive on record with AIADMK offering a washing machine for each of about two crore families

17 Mar 2021 8:47 AM

AA Edit | Biden shows the way

Biden signed a historic US $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package heralding a path-breaking measure that sets very high standards

13 Mar 2021 4:54 AM


AA Edit | Polls a serious business, spare us all the theatrics

Spectacles and theatrics are essential ingredients of Indian elections and our leaders never fail to deliver them

13 Mar 2021 4:41 AM

AA Edit | U'khand: Will BJP strategy work?

In a state with only 70 MLAs, change of loyalty is not hard to engineer — a syndrome Uttarakhand shares with several small states

12 Mar 2021 4:56 AM

AA Edit | Chacko exit: Is it too late for Cong to stop Kerala loss?

The Congress has of late demonstrated an unenviable ability to watch nonchalantly the sight of its bastions falling to the rivals

12 Mar 2021 4:42 AM

AA Edit | Uncertainty deepens after US move on Afghanistan

It is to be seen what former President Hamid Karzai — and others — make of the Blinken approach in contrast with that of President Ghani

11 Mar 2021 4:27 AM

AA Edit | Quotas: Let Parliament decide

Reservation is essentially a political question; its legal aspects are addressed by Article 15 (4) of the Constitution

11 Mar 2021 4:20 AM


AA Edit | The royal underbelly

His marriage may have helped liberate Harry from the trappings of power and privilege

10 Mar 2021 9:49 AM

AA Edit | Speed up vaccinations, refresh awareness drive

The government must also open up the programme for all sections of the population, co-opt as many institutions, and make the process easier

10 Mar 2021 8:50 AM

AA Edit | Spectrum auction a failure?

Out of 2,308.8 megahertz airwaves that were on offer, just a little more than one-third — 855.6 MHz — was purchased

06 Mar 2021 4:34 AM

AA Edit | To draw votes, Khattar’s quota sacrifices growth

If the government forces companies to take steps that may impact employee productivity, then it forces companies to be less than competitive

06 Mar 2021 4:17 AM

AA Edit | Damp squib Sasikala

When it is known that she cannot stand for election for another six years, what was the need to announce that she was leaving the turf?

05 Mar 2021 8:50 AM