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Mystic Mantra: Gayatri sadhna

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Published : Nov 3, 2018, 2:25 am IST
Updated : Nov 3, 2018, 2:25 am IST

The same sadhna produces different effects in different sadhaks, depending on the desire and capacity of the sadhak to access its force.

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Rishi Vishvamitra created a parallel universe, Rishi Markandeya conquered death and Shukracharya had the ability to revive the dead back to life… All three of them had the blessings of the Mother. They achieved these supernormal feats through sadhna of Gayatri. The same sadhna produces different effects in different sadhaks, depending on the desire and capacity of the sadhak to access its force.

Gayatri sadhna is a complete sadhna. It holds the power to bestow upon the practitioner fulfillment in all aspects of creation — spiritual and material. No kind of adversity can touch a sadhak of the Gayatri mantra, such is the force of Mother.


There are three times to perform this mantra — morning, afternoon and evening. The uchharan (chant) for the mantra is different for different times as is the svaroop of devi that is invoked. In the morning it is Saraswati, in the afternoon Lakshmi and in the evening it is Kali. Pranayam plays an important role in the sadhna. Pranayam is performed both by altering the breath and altering the movement of eyes (chakshu pranayam). After the siddhi of the mantra, 11 ahutis of the mantra are performed daily at the house. The correct practice of the mantra under the sanidhya of a guru brings about a complete metamorphosis (kayakalp) in the being.


It is extremely important to get initiated into the practice by a guru who is siddh in the mantra. The guru gives you the mantra and channelizes the shakti within, for every mantra is a vibration in the form of a sound. This vibration indicates the extent of siddhi of the mantra and the effect it will have on the body and environment. Incorrect uchharan will not generate those vibrations and may turn around the complete effect of the mantra. For example, a common error made by my people in this mantra is Ombhurbhuvaswaha. The correct uccharan is Ombhurbhuvasvah. Bhu, Bhuva, Svah are names of three lokas (dimensions of existence) which the mantra helps one transcend. Swaha on the other hand is making an ahuti (sacrifice) to the fire. When you chant swaha, fire asks for an ahuti but you do not give any ahuti, so then you yourself become the ahuti or sacrifice.


For an experience of the power of Gayatri, wake up before sunrise and stand facing the rising sun. Pay reverence to energy of the guru and Lord Ganesh. Keeping your eyes fixed on the direction of the sunrise, hold out the tongue and maintain awareness of the surya dev at the center of your brows. Begin the internal chant of the Gayatri mantra. Wait for the specific prana of surya, when it turns into a gentle shade of pink. Offer jal (water) to the sun. Then close your eyes and continue with the awareness of sun and internal chant of the mantra. Whenever you feel like, open your eyes, looking first at the center of your palms, then the body, then anywhere else you may choose to look. Mail me your experiences.


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