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  Opinion   Oped  20 Feb 2017

Opinion, Oped, 20 Feb 2017

Mystic Mantra: Being self-aware

The technique of reflection should be based on study of the scriptural texts, under the guru’s guidance.

20 Feb 2017 2:49 AM

Does Tamil identity start and end with Tamil pride?

The Jallikattu protests brought to surface the several undercurrents that were thought to be long-forgotten in Tamil Nadu.

20 Feb 2017 2:48 AM


Racism is a murderer of truth. It makes it impossible for us to understand strangers through the celluloid.

20 Feb 2017 2:42 AM

In UK, Partition stories unite

The Brexit debates begin in the House of Lords this week.

20 Feb 2017 2:39 AM

The thin line between jingoism and patriotism

True patriots should be the first to criticise a government’s flawed policies.

20 Feb 2017 2:36 AM


Navy needs indigenous carriers, subs

India’s naval buildup is overshadowed by chronic time and cost overruns.

20 Feb 2017 2:34 AM