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Mystic Mantra: ‘Enlightenment cannot be reduced to technology’

Amrit Sadhana is in the management team of Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune. She facilitates meditation workshops around the country and abroad.
Published : Sep 23, 2019, 1:23 am IST
Updated : Sep 23, 2019, 1:23 am IST

This flawed thinking gives people the idea that technology is the only way to be successful.


These are the times when technology has taken complete possession of the human mind and life with its stupendous achievements in the outer world. It has almost become one solution to all the problems. Upload a YouTube video, make a Facebook page with tons of likes, become famous on Instagram, or build your own app, and you think you too can have the power and influence of someone like Steve Jobs. This flawed thinking gives people the idea that technology is the only way to be successful.

We think we are becoming more and more powerful because we can reach the moon, but we don’t realise we are doing it at the cost of destroying the earth. We are endangering the whole possibility of future life. Technology without maturity and consciousness is a disaster alike having a terrible bomb in the hands of a monkey. There is no denying that it has succeeded over the outer nature but we cannot use it for the evolution of the inner nature. It is a pertinent question to ask: Are we becoming powerful or powerless? In terms of natural resources, we are becoming weaker every day because they are being exhausted. Sooner or later, the earth will be empty, it will not grow anything.

Osho warns us, “Please, don’t turn your technology towards the inner: You have done enough harm. Enlightenment cannot be reduced to technology. The inner journey is of innocence, not of knowledge; certainly not of science, absolutely not of technology. It is more of love, surrender and silence. Meditation is not something that you do. It is only when your doer has gone and you are totally relaxed, not doing anything, in a deep let-go, rest, that there is meditation. Then meditation is the flowering of your being. It has nothing to do with becoming. It is not an achievement, it is not an improvement; it is just being that which you already are.”

These words feel like a soothing balm and now this earth needs more people like this: People who are counteracting the aggression of science and technology with inner silence and relaxation. The outer is beneficial only in proportion to the consciousness that grows at the inside. Without it, all the achievements of science are turning this earth into hell. Never forget the human being behind the technical advancements. His needs are different.

All the genius and hard work of the chief of Isro melted into tears when the moon lander Vikram went missing. This is so human! Please let us not forget the richness of emotions which is the prerogative of human beings only. Let us take care of the hearts that are behind the hands and brains that manufacture and assemble critical technical parts.

Amrit Sadhana is editor of Osho Times International. She facilitates meditation workshops based on Osho insights around the country and abroad.

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