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  Opinion   Oped  27 Apr 2018  Mystic Mantra: We’re custodians, not possessors

Mystic Mantra: We’re custodians, not possessors

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Published : Apr 27, 2018, 12:52 am IST
Updated : Apr 27, 2018, 12:53 am IST

Everything which we possess today (Money, house, car, jewellery, property etc) were possessed by somebody else in the past.

Lord Krishna
 Lord Krishna

Everything which we possess today was possessed by somebody else yesterday and will be possessed by others tomorrow and somebody else day after tomorrow
— Lord Krishna

Everything which we possess today (Money, house, car, jewellery, property etc) were possessed by somebody else in the past. When we did not possess them, somebody else possessed which means they got transferred to us. We might have either earned it or inherited it or bought it or won it in lottery but yet the fact remains that they were possessed by somebody else and in the present we possess them. The question here is not whether we acquired them legally or illegally but the question here is whether these possessions will remain with us permanently? Will they not go somebody else tomorrow, the way they came to us. If not by any other mean, they will definitely go to someone else after our death.

The land on which our house is built belonged to somebody else before our house was constructed and may be after 100 years would belong to somebody else with another house built over it. There would be no trace of our ownership after some years. Is it not our ignorance that the house in which we live is felt to be ours, the wealth which we own today is felt to be ours? Are we not getting attached to something which is of temporary nature?

Our physical body is not permanently ours as we will leave it here after our death. Our parents were not our parents in earlier births nor will remain our parents in future births. Similar is the case with our children, spouse, relatives and friends.   

Even our thoughts which emanate from our mind are not ours. They have been received from other people and since our mind liked them, it possessed them.  We change our thought pattern too when we grow in age or become matured or get influenced by others thoughts (of more intelligent, successful or spiritual people). Our thoughts would get possessed by somebody else and we would possess somebody else’s thoughts. Transfer of thoughts too is taking place from one person to another.

Everything in this creation is passing through from person to another, from one hand to another and from one place to another. Nothing stays permanently with one person, in one hand and at one place. Everything is in a trans-migratory state be it wealth, property, relationship or physical body. Feeling permanent ownership for anything in this creation is foolish and out of ignorance.

We can at the most feel custodianship of all that which we possess. A custodian is never attached to anything, has no ego of ownership, is not happy with increase in possessions nor is sad by their decrease. He knows pretty well that all that which he possesses belongs to somebody else.

So, feel to be a custodian of everything which you possess be it your house, wealth, car, jewelry, parents, children, physical body or your thoughts. The laws of creation do not permit anything to remain permanently with anybody not even with Gods who descended or manifested in physical form. Even they had to leave their possessions behind in this world. They were never attached to anything in this world and hence did not return back to the world.

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