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  Let’s get chatty

Let’s get chatty

Published : Aug 13, 2016, 10:38 pm IST
Updated : Aug 13, 2016, 10:38 pm IST

There’s nothing like a spate of talk show binge sessions to cheer you up after a long week. Here’s a list to help you discover the best in the biz!

Samantha Bee
 Samantha Bee

There’s nothing like a spate of talk show binge sessions to cheer you up after a long week. Here’s a list to help you discover the best in the biz!

Talk shows may seem all chatty and fun but the hosts behind them are the ones who make it look as easy and flawless as they are. John Oliver, Ellen Degeneres and others are making a splash on television and the cyber world with their hilarious shows —and who are we to stop them Here’s a list of the best talk shows out there — be it political humour or celebrity interviews, they do it all!


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee This relatively new-kid-on-the-block, Samantha Bee is a force to be reckoned with. After having worked on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for 12 years, she finally decided to do her own political and current events show. Being the only female late-night talk show host has to be a tough job, but Samantha completely owns it. Not only is her ability to make awkward situations with politicians even more awkward hilarious, but her on-field work for injustice on the show makes Full Frontal unique and impactful.

Last Week Tonight with john oliver Another The Daily Show alumnus, John Oliver was already an acclaimed writer before he left the show and started Last Week Tonight. John Oliver’s reporting style is full of comedy but doesn’t take away from the politics and news he aims to talk about.

The British comedian is as successful on TV now as he is on Youtube, with over 3 million followers. He has said before that he has full control over the news he puts out, and it shows! He doesn’t shy away from criticising corporations or political bigwigs. That’s what makes him bigger than just the next Jon Stewart.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon is easily one of the biggest late-night TV show hosts because The Tonight Show’s segments are extremely popular online as well. His lip-sync battles with actors became so famous that it evolved into a new show altogether! Jimmy was also a part of the Saturday Night Live cast which justifies his love for sketches on the show and also explains his impeccable sense of humour.

Not only does the show have the usual celebrities talking about their personal and professional lives, but it also makes them feature in wacky sketches with the host — an example being Jimmy’s sketch with Donald Trump, where he played the presidential candidate’s reflection!

The Colbert Report The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is yet another talk show where Stephen Colbert interviews prominent personalities about their lives and work. Thankfully, he carried on some of his wit and dry political satire from The Colbert Report to this show.

He succeeded David Letterman as the host for the show, and dare we say — does a better job at it! His crisp monologues with punch-lines about current affairs and skits featuring the night’s guests make his show one of the best in the league. His fake news-style desk sequence talking about recent headlines just adds to the charm.

The Graham Norton Show No one does a British chat show better than Graham Norton. His signature laugh, inquisitiveness and lively demeanour makes him one of the most adored TV hosts of all time.

The show also has hints of strong adult humour which makes it even more funny. He’s responsible for Benedict Cumberbatch cuddling with a life-size stuffed bear, Tom Hiddleston doing a De Niro impression and Jennifer Lawrence revealing her feelings about Trump! So, if anyone can make you laugh at celebrities, Graham can.

The Late Late Show with James Corden James Corden comes off as one of the nicest guys on television. His warmth, charm and wit set him apart from the rest of the late-night crowd. He is best known for his Carpool Karaokes where he drives famous celebs around as they jam to their favourite music while also interviewing them. All the stars he interviews also end up playing extremely strange yet hilarious games with him.

The British perfomer, who is also an actor, makes celebrities seem relatable, which is an extremely tough job — what with all the money and glamour that comes with the profession.

The Ellen Degeneres Show Any list about talk shows missing Ellen would be a travesty! The queen of talk shows, who took over the reins from Oprah — Ellen has a made a mark on TV that can hardly be competed with.

Her comedic timing, vibrancy and penchant for human interest stories are what really make her stand out and above the rest. Her attachment and interaction with the audience also makes her one of the most loved hosts of all time. She also donates to charity and pranks most of her guests —we think that’s the perfect recipe for a television program, don’t you think