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Women love football too!

Published : Jun 28, 2018, 12:32 am IST
Updated : Jun 28, 2018, 12:32 am IST

With the fifa fever on, many female footy fans stay up late to watch their favourite team play.

A football fan makes the victory sign as she waits for game to commence
 A football fan makes the victory sign as she waits for game to commence

The breed of women football fans is growing by the day and with the World Cup on, the hot topics amongst women right now are goals and VAR!

I know what you’re thinking... women only watch footy because of the good-looking players. Well we’re not blind, but we do genuinely enjoy the game! Staying awake till 3 am to watch your team play a Champion’s League match means it’s definitely more than just good looks!

It’s all about the players’ passion for the sport; seeing your favourite player score a goal to win it for your team; the despair when your team loses and the euphoria when it wins. The gamut of emotions when your team plays sets the adrenaline pumping and the excitement flowing through your veins!

I’ve been a football fan since I was a kid and I’ve noticed the surprise from people lessen over the years as more and more women get into following sports. At football match screenings around India, you’ll see a fair number of women watching and holding their own in discussions about the game.

I’m part of a Ladies Liverpool fans whatsapp group with many other like-minded women who love the game. Most of us have never met each other as we live in different parts of the country but the mutual love and passion we share for our team brings us together. We discuss matches and possible new players in the transfer market, team line-ups and more than ably defend our team against banter from rival fans on Twitter!

Brazilian football fans cheer for their teamBrazilian football fans cheer for their team

A die hard football fan, Pragya Bakshi from Mumbai says “The continuous action in the game keeps me on my toes and I love how it involves brain power and foot work at the same time! When a player maintains that and it materialises into a goal, there’s no better feeling of accomplishment!”

Charmaine de Souza from Goa explains her love for the game. “As a kid, my dad would take me and my brother for football matches and I guess it was his influence that made me fall in love with football,” she shares.

The sense of belonging to a fraternity of fans who love their team more than life itself is a heady emotion which can’t be beaten and is a big part of loving the game.

So guys, next time your sister or your girlfriend sit down and watch the game with you, don’t dismiss it as timepass. Her ‘fantasy premier league team’ is probably higher up the table than yours!

— The writer is a Food and Lifestyle blogger at La Grandiosa

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