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beyerdynamic Soul Byrd review: Music at its purest

Published : Apr 15, 2019, 5:22 pm IST
Updated : Apr 15, 2019, 5:22 pm IST

Premium earphones that are extremely comfortable to use even while sleeping on your side.

The housing of the Soul Byrd’s drivers has been ergonomically designed to adapt to the shape of your ear.
 The housing of the Soul Byrd’s drivers has been ergonomically designed to adapt to the shape of your ear.

At a time when the audio segment is cluttered with Bluetooth earphones and true wireless earbuds, it’s a refreshing change to see that beyerdynamic is proudly continuing the tradition of launching old school earphones with the tried and tested 3.5mm audio jack.

The luxury headphone manufacturer is dispelling the notion that you don’t get quality from a classic wired earphone as the Soul Byrd comes packing some great audio quality.

I take a look at these beautifully designed earphones to tell you if it is worth your cash or if they need to be skipped.

beyerdynamic Soul Byrd review

Design, Build

In 2019, we can find a plethora of wired earphones that you need to pay paltry sums of cash for. However, the audio quality is pretty evident given the price tag. The beyerdynamic Soul Byrd, dressed in Black with silver scents shows that luxurious design can go hand in hand with absolutely stunning audio quality if you have the bucks to splash. The decorative plates made of anodised and glass-bead blasted aluminium feature the new and characteristic Y signet.

When purchasing a pair of beyerdynamic earphones, you can be assured of its audio quality, but that’s not the main USP of these in-ear monitors. The Soul Byrd’s design is what sets it apart from anything that’s out there as they feature flat buds that make them comfortable to use even when lying down on your side.

beyerdynamic Soul Byrd review

The housing of the Soul Byrd’s drivers has been ergonomically designed to adapt to the shape of your ear. Because of this design trait, they sit comfortably in the ear and ensuring they don’t slip out even if tugged slightly. This confidence allows you to workout or travel in congested public transport without worrying they may slip out from your ear. Since the housing has been designed to be ultra thin, they do protrude from the auricle thus not applying any pressure on the ear even when you use it while lying on the side.

The supplied ear tips feature a conical shape that fits snuggly in the canal. beyerdynamic has thrown in five different sized ear tips that ensure a perfect fit for different ear sizes. Additionally, you can purchase Comply 400 Series ear tips that will help in blocking out ambient sound.

My only issue with these earphones is that they don’t feature any ingress protection certification. This means that if I were to have a particularly sweaty session in the gym or if caught in a thunderstorm, there is a high chance that they may get ruined. Having an IP rating would ease my mind as it would protect my sizable investment.

beyerdynamic Soul Byrd review

An often overlooked part about earphones is the cable. With the Soul Byrd beyerdynamic has added a thick and robust cable that’s set to stand the test of time even when used daily.

Lastly, the Soul Byrd comes with a three-button in-line remote control-cum-microphone unit that’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. With these buttons, you can pause the music, start the digital assistant or accept calls.

When needed, the headset can also be stored safely and tightly in the small leather-finished hardcase supplied.

beyerdynamic Soul Byrd review


The Soul Byrd was tested on both Android and iOS devices and I am pleased to announce that the audio quality is absolutely sublime. A lot of factors need to be put in to place to achieve this level of audio quality and beyerdynamic, being the luxury brand that they are have left no stone unturned. From the angle of the nozzle to the conical ear tips and the tuned 9mm dynamic drivers all play a part in these earphones sounding the way they do.

beyerdynamic Soul Byrd review

While testing these earphones it was observed that there was a lot of extension with the highs and lows all the while maintaining a balanced sound, something which earphones at a lower price point tend to struggle with. With regards to the bass of the Soul Byrd, I noticed that it was not overly boomy but had the right amount of punch. The treble was well received with it sounding full and whole. Overall, I found richness to the sound that’s seldom found on earphones from competing brands that are priced lower. Vocals sound roomy with a lot of texture and emotion and in the process making this one of the best-wired earphones I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

beyerdynamic Soul Byrd review


The beyerdynamic Soul Byrd is priced at Rs 6,999 and it offers an excellent form factor and provides an extremely comfortable listening experience. Being lightweight with the specially designed flat heads play an important part in the overall comfort level which is an oft-overlooked feature found on virtually every other rival earphones available. The audio quality is absolutely incredible and it has to be heard to be believed. However, the steep price of Rs 7K makes  this pair a bit difficult to recommend. With that being said, if you aren’t limited by any cost constraints then the Soul Byrd should be at the top of your must-buy list.

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