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5 IoT trends and predictions for 2019

Published : Feb 4, 2019, 4:42 pm IST
Updated : Feb 4, 2019, 4:42 pm IST

Enormous opportunities to manufacturing, retail, healthcare, insurance and many other important sectors to grow.

The role of IoT ahead will be advancing rapidly in manufacturing sector.
 The role of IoT ahead will be advancing rapidly in manufacturing sector.

Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at an exponential rate and it is going to witness an extreme rise in IoT investments in 2019. Connected devices such as wearable gadgets, sensors and software are advancing by each passing day. As per the Gartner Research project, the number of connected devices in 2019 is projected to touch 14.2 billion and 25 billion by 2021. This will give enormous opportunities to manufacturing, retail, healthcare, insurance and many other important sectors to grow.

For several years, IoT has been known as a key part in collection and transfer of data from cloud connected sensors to software for companies’ data analytics processes. Vikram Kumar, Founder of Letstrack says, “There is much more in store for this new age technology in 2019.” We find out what Kumar wanted to highlight.

Simplified maintenance in manufacturing sector

This is one of most interesting roles that IoT plays in manufacturing sector and a lot of companies are going to gain benefit from it. IoT enabled sensors provide data and guidance about the problems that can break down the machinery and send an alert to the technician to fix it up. This empowers the concept of smart factories by promoting preventive maintenance.

This year, the role of IoT will be advancing rapidly in manufacturing sector. Factory workers are also going to be witnessed relying on wearable devices connected to mobile phones to gain effective insights on safety and factory conditions.

Edge computing to manage critical data

Edge computing is extremely important for IoT to manage the critical data closer to the edge of the network that lets the organizations to analyse it in near real time. Every time, it is not efficient for IoT to be connected with the central data centre to store it on the cloud.

Edge computing is going to come in the bigger picture this year. It will significantly impact the industries that immediately require analysis of complex real time data where there is limited cloud connectivity. Hence, it is going to reduce dependency on cloud and will provide more agility in business. 

Improvement in workforce management

According to the recent Gartner report, at least 40 % of organizations’ workforce is on the field. Hence, it is expected to see that those who were still relying on paperwork models and operations will now adopt IoT that will give them instant access to important data. Undoubtedly, IoT is going to be a trusted platform of communication between the workforce on field and office.

With the right use of IoT, 2019 is predicted to see the organizations using IoT enabled mobile platforms to execute routine tasks effectively. The workers and technicians will be able to make the right use of technology in finding an optimal travel route to accessing and managing inventory from their mobile devices.

Enable smart cities

Many countries are working aggressively to build smart cities. They are combining technology solutions with physical infrastructure of cities to tackle societal problems, especially in a country like India where the population is burgeoning.  

For IoT and smart cities, 2019 is all about transforming the way the cities function traditionally. This year, IoT is expected to reshape the basic infrastructure of the city by working on road congestion, managing parking spaces, energy saving techniques and many more- all through IoT connected devices.

Improved User - Security

Security has always been the biggest concern for IoT users on micro as well as macro level. Technology experts are predicting more cyber attacks that could hit individual user to even smart city projects. Consequently, technology providers are developing more secure solutions to tackle the vulnerabilities around IoT.

In addition, government and large organizations have already started installing IoT enabled devices that will automatically lead to the rise in security solutions.

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