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5 companies making human and tech collaborate

Published : Aug 13, 2019, 1:54 pm IST
Updated : Aug 13, 2019, 1:54 pm IST

Some of the leading tech-driven enterprises have been giving the extra edge to human talent.

When humans collaborate with technology, magic happens.
 When humans collaborate with technology, magic happens.

When humans collaborate with technology, magic happens. Shifting focus from the competition and on to the co-existence between automation amongst other advanced technologies and the human workforce, allows the ambitious organisations of today to be future-ready. Some of the leading tech-driven enterprises have been giving the extra edge to human talent, helping them unlock their greatest potential. Let’s find out more:

LogMeIn creating Bot + Human harmony through Bold360

Chatbots and humans have very different and distinctive strengths that can be leveraged to create unprecedented synergies for achieving the goals and objectives. LogMeIn, a public SaaS company, is making the most of what each has to offer through its customer engagement solution – Bold360.

The chatbots by Bold360 not only take care of addressing customer queries round the clock and offering resolutions with a smile but also work overtime behind the scenes, advising agents for better customer outcomes. As the industry's most tightly integrated agent and bot solution, Bold360 ensures a seamless transition from bot to agent in the same chat window or across channels of engagement for seamless customer experience.

And that’s not all! The AI-powered bots by Bold360 assist the agent's workflow and recommend content to use for greater efficiency and better outcomes. Agents will have the information they need, when they need it, for the ultimate assistance. Lastly, with bots by their side, newly hired agents are never alone. Because of the extra help powered by AI, agent training time and costs can be substantially reduced. And as interactions with customers become more positive and productive, job satisfaction increases.

Staqu is empowering the Indian police with AI assistance

The police forces are entrusted with the crucial task of ensuring optimum security, curbing crime before it even occurs, and yet have not been provided with any major tech advancements. However, the Gurgaon-based AI start-up, Staqu has taken up the important task of empowering police forces at Ground 0 with its proprietary AI-enabled solution.

Staqu with the launch of AI-enabled app for the police forces that not only helped them digitise the existing criminal and missing people records but also retrieve the information in real-time at routine patrolling, checkpoints, for tenant verification etc. Staqu, furthermore, launched its AI software on Smart Glasses for the police forces to ensure optimum security at live events like political rallies, conferences, processions and more.

The solution by Staqu is currently live at Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. The latest Uttar Pradesh launch (Trinetra) comes with trailblazing innovations like Geo-Fencing and Hotspot analysis that assist police forces in generating the most optimum leads right when the crime is committed or person is reported missing. With Gang Analysis, the solution also helps the task forces nab other members of the gang, who may be active in other districts. The approach is only made better with GAIT Analysis that utilise the video surveillance footage to nab criminals with their distinctive mannerisms of walking.

Human agents as bot builders at Haptik

Conversational AI platform, Haptik has designed and deployed over 100 chatbots, managing more than 1.2 Million daily messages. While these stats alone speak for the growth prospects of chatbots in the market, it is also intriguing to observe the fine amalgamation between human agents & chatbots.

The company’s unique model utilized the expertise of human agents in training chatbots to adequately handle various queries by users. Instead of fearing for their jobs becoming obsolete, human agents become an integral part of the process, helping Haptik enhance the chat experience. As of today, over 100 such human agents have graduated to handle the responsibilities of bot builders, trainers, QA and more. They continue to work in tandem with the machine learning and other technical teams, to deliver a perfect experience.

The ‘I’ in Surveillance, ONVU Technologies

Innovative, intelligent, and efficient – there’s little doubt why ONVU Technologies is, perhaps, the ‘eye’ in surveillance. The technology vendor provides AI- and video-analytics-enabled solutions via its subsidiary, ONVU Learning, to schools and colleges. This drives an effective and non-intrusive teacher training amongst academic institutions, ultimately enhancing the learning curve of students and causing persistent skill development of the teachers. Its other subsidiary Oncam leverages the same technology for industry surveillance and cloud-based business intelligence, a system which has been deployed across convention centres (such as India Habitat Centre), art galleries and museums, restaurants (such as US-based Burger King), logistics companies, traffic departments, and smart as well as safe cities (such as Samastipur), etc.

Amplifying User Engagements, Amplify

Delivering an unparalleled customer experience is the key to success for present-day enterprises. Failing to do so, furthermore, these days invite a severe online backlash, which would make it difficult for the companies to recuperate from. To the same end,, a Noida- and Silicon Valley-based company has developed enterprise-class AI solution to cater to customer queries and drive user engagement while also gauging first-hand user-centric data and brand perception through sentiment analysis. The company is working towards helping customer-facing employees to decode complex human emotions by leveraging Tensor Flow, a machine learning library, in addition to existing data sets of the chatbots' conversations with 200+ million end-users. Brands have a clear pay-off in understanding human emotions. The approach, furthermore, enables a brand to create consistent and personalized messaging for every user and enhance customer engagement.

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