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Galaxy Fold dead? Samsung indefinitely postpones pre-orders

Published : May 8, 2019, 12:30 pm IST
Updated : May 8, 2019, 12:30 pm IST

Pre-orders of the brand’s first foldable smartphone will be automatically cancelled at the end of this month.

The Galaxy Fold appears to be shelved indefinitely.
 The Galaxy Fold appears to be shelved indefinitely.

Earlier this year, ahead of the MWC, Samsung took to the stage to introduce a brand spanking new smartphone category in the form of the Galaxy Fold. The brand had high hopes for this device as, in the past; they were one of the first to introduce the Galaxy Note; which at the time was a smartphone with a new form factor. Fast-forward a few weeks ago, Samsung had given select reviewers the chance to test this new product and they obviously pinned a lot of hopes on its success. However, it had failed spectacularly with many reviewers running the device altogether. This prompted a swift recall and at the time, forced the smartphone brand to postpone the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold postponed

Now, the Galaxy Fold appears to be shelved indefinitely as Samsung has begun sending out emails to those who have pre-ordered it claiming that they are “making progress’ and will release updated shipping details “in the coming weeks.” What’s even more shocking is that those who have pre-ordered it have been informed that their orders will be automatically cancelled by the end of this month. If those still hell-bent on getting their hands on the Galaxy Fold, they need to explicitly request otherwise or have their orders cancelled.

Samsung Galaxy Fold postponed

If you are one of those who has pre-ordered the handset, you can cancel it anytime before Samsung ships it; which could take quite long. Samsung will only charge you the amount you paid for the Galaxy Fold if it has shipped. A fair warning for those who intend to keep their place in line is that it is advisable to first check on reviews before actually committing to your pre-order or you may end up with a device that’s not as durable as you’d hoped for.

Samsung Galaxy Fold postponed

Analysts claim that though the sorry state of the Galaxy Fold does not hurt their balance sheets, it actually does tarnish their image as an innovator, something which Samsung is heavily relying on for this foldable smartphone. The South Korean tech giant has claimed that it will mass produce at least 1 million Galaxy Fold smartphones this year in comparison to the 300 million odd handsets it produces yearly on an average.

Samsung, in fact, closed pre-orders earlier than anticipated due to “high demand.”

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