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Apple made three unforgivable iPhone 11 Pro mistakes

Published : Sep 12, 2019, 9:32 am IST
Updated : Sep 12, 2019, 9:32 am IST

The iPhone 11 Pro is a flagship, just not a 2019 flagship.

The new iPhones do not live up to the hype created by Android rivals.
 The new iPhones do not live up to the hype created by Android rivals.

It’s not even been 48-hours since Apple announced the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and unlike every year, this series of handsets are not highly anticipated. The devices boast some headlining features which include an updated chipset, additional rear cameras and new colours which could appeal to some Apple fans out there and it is undoubtedly the best iPhone ever. However, as many new features it has, it still falls short when compared with its Android rivals in three key aspects.

The first big mistake or miss is the exclusion of wireless charging and to be more specific bilateral wireless charging. Don’t be mistaken, the iPhone 11 does come with wireless charging and follows the universal standard of Qi wireless charging which makes it a pretty handy feature. However, there were rumours which suggested that Apple would be adding bilateral wireless charging which would allow the iPhone to act as a charging pad for accessories such as the AirPods. This feature was nowhere to be found on the new lineup.

The answer that’s received from industry sources suggests that Apple ditched this feature because it did not live up to Apple’s standard. However, the question begs — why can’t Apple just get its wireless charging features to work? Android rivals such as Samsung and Huawei have already launched multiple smartphones that support bilateral wireless charging and adding it on the handset will benefit users greatly as a lot of products available to support wireless charging.

This shows that Apple is seriously failing when it comes to wireless charging and this isn’t the first time. Those who follow tech news diligently will realize that Apple has failed before when it came to its AirPower charging mat, a product which has been removed from existence even before it hit shelves.

The next big miss is with respect to the cameras. If you just compare the new iPhone 11 Pro with the iPhone XS, then it’s clear as day to see that the new iPhone is better. However, Apple should not be using its previous generation device as a benchmark and actually need to challenge Android which are trailblazers in this category.

A related report by Forbes states, “The question is what happens when your benchmarks are outside Cupertino. Phil Schiller took to the stage and pushed both the ultra-wide lens and the night mode. Two features that can excite the Apple faithful but have become standard with pretty much every other smartphone manufacturer. Apple is still trying to catch up, and in the process, Apple removed the far more useful telephoto lens from the dual-lens set up on the iPhone 11 to replace it with the wide-angle lens.”

The new iPhones are just on par with other handsets and it can be argued that they are outclassed in some areas such as image quality it is plain to see that Apple is failing where imaging is concerned.

The next big and most unforgivable mistake is the lack of 5G. While it should not come as news that the iPhone 11 Pro missed out on 5G since rumours have been indicating that Apple wouldn’t include it; it is still a miss whichever way you look at it. Forbes states, “The perception of the iPhone is that it is expensive but it has a long and useful lifespan. When you are looking at $699 for the entry-level handset and over $1450 for the top of the line iPhone 11 Pro Max, you want a bit of future-proofing. That’s why 5G is important in this year’s handset. Availability of the service is going to rapidly increase, and those with 5G will benefit immediately. iPhone users are going to be out of luck. Ensuring that users have a smartphone that is ready for the future? Apple is failing in that regard as well.”

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