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Redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold reportedly breaks after a day’s use

Published : Sep 28, 2019, 10:38 am IST
Updated : Sep 28, 2019, 10:38 am IST

Samsung appears to be having a new problem on its hands ahead of the redesigned Galaxy Fold debut.

Cluster of pixels have broken on the redesigned Galaxy Fold. (Image: TechCrunch)
 Cluster of pixels have broken on the redesigned Galaxy Fold. (Image: TechCrunch)

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold already has a fabled history even before the first device shipped to a consumer. The new smartphone technology had some teething problems which forced the South Korean tech giant to push back the release of it by a few months. In this span of time, Samsung went to work to fix any issue that plagued the device’s screen and in order to ensure that the handset would not accidentally break when consumers got their hands on it. With certain reviewers now receiving the redesigned Galaxy Fold handsets, it appears that Samsung’s problems are far from over as the world’s first foldable phone has been broken yet again.

As per a reviewer from TechCrunch, the Galaxy Fold’s screen broke after just a single day of usage; however, it did not break in the same way the original Folds did, which suggests that there is a brand new problem for Samsung to deal with.

The redesigned Galaxy Fold used by TechCrunch developed a spot in the centre of the screen where a larger cluster of pixels seems to have broken. This is most likely become an inconvenience due to the central placement.

As per TechCrunch, this was most probably caused by them pressing on the seam in order to close the device. As per a related report by TechRadar, “While Samsung suggests using a light touch to open or close the foldable phone (which is already a daft enough idea given the idiosyncratic way most people turn on or off their phones), the reviewer asserts that they did so, which means the new Galaxy Fold broke even when the user was being careful.”

Samsung has detailed a long list of ways to avoid damaging the device which ranges from the obvious such as not leaving objects in it when it is closed to the strange such as not leaving the handset next to credit cards or medical devices.

This new Samsung Galaxy Fold issue isn’t as widespread as the original issue and as of writing, only one reviewer has faced this issue. With that being said, Samsung had just a single thing to take care when redesigning the Galaxy Fold and that was to make sure that it was durable. It appears that Samsung hasn’t done this to the best of their abilities.

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