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Fitness and flexibility

Published : Aug 12, 2018, 12:45 am IST
Updated : Aug 12, 2018, 12:45 am IST

Here are a few callisthenics exercises to help you perform extreme movements without much effort.

Planche tuck
 Planche tuck

Callisthenics is a very unique workout designed to take your strength, core, joint mobility, speed and mind-body coordination to a different level while pushing the limits of the body. It includes a lot of small conditioning exercises for the various joints of the body while developing core strength to perform extreme movements without much effort.

The basics of callisthenics exercises include push-ups and variations of push-ups like the full push-up, diamond push-up, forward push-up, single hand push-up, plank hold, tricep dips, pull-up and chin-up. The subsequent flexibility in arms, shoulders, lower back and hamstrings is further used to create different movements. It is usually performed on different types of pull-up bars, parallel bars, parallettes and on the door.

One should ideally start building up their strength by performing at least 10 to 15 pull-ups, push- ups, tricep dips and these core exercises. Equipment like the parallel bar, pull bar and a small open area is enough to practice callisthenics. Once you build your body with at least 10 to 15 pull-ups, push-ups and core exercises, you can move forward for extreme callisthenics movements.

Planche tuck
1. Using gymnastics bars planted on the ground or on parallel bars, push yourself up.
2. Before you lift yourself up, make sure your hands are planted facing forwards, roughly parallel to where your belly button will be when you lift yourself up.
3. Keep your legs tucked in under your body.
4. With your hands facing forward, lean forward, placing more weight on your upper body.
5. Keep your arms completely straight as you lean forward.



Dragon flag
1. Lying flat on a bench or floor, hold yourself in position with your hands around head height.
2. Come up on your shoulders with a straight back, and lower yourself until your feet almost touch the bench or floor, then return to starting position.
3. Be careful to keep your weight on your shoulders, so as not to apply pressure on your neck and cervical vertebrae, and to keep your core tight.


Muscle up
1. Hang from a pull-up bar with a false grip (thumbs on top the bar, not around).
2. Pull yourself up (chin to the bar).
3. ‘Roll’ your chest over the bar as a transition from a pull-up to a dip.
4. Press your hands down and drive your body upwards (the dip).


1. Get on all fours, the soles of your feet should be pressed against the wall.
2. Keep your arms straight and palms on the ground and your fingers spread out.
3. Pull your bottom into the air while straightening your legs and arms. As you do so, tuck your toes onto the floor so your feet spread against the wall.
4. Place one foot up the wall, curling your toes as you go.
5. When you feel balanced and secure, lift your other foot up.
6. Keep moving your feet up the wall. As you go, you'll have to move your hands closer to the wall for safety and balance.
7. Keep going until your body forms a straight line parallel to the wall, with the tips of your toes touching the wall.

— The writer is a celebrity fitness trainer who has trained the likes of John Abraham, the Ambani family and Shilpa Shetty to name a few

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