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Ashok Bhan

Free speech & right to trade over Internet protected by Art. 19(1)

The orders passed by the state (except for a certain “sample” order) were not even placed on record.

29 Jan 2020 2:22 AM

To resolve Kashmir crisis, Modi needs a party-independent policy

The average Kashmiri has hope that Narendra Modi’s massive mandate may allow him to think out of the box to resolve the issue.

08 Jul 2019 3:48 AM

Rahul has proved himself, emerged as an alternative

Rahul Gandhi is promoting the Congress as the protector of democracy and the voice of the people.

20 May 2019 5:43 AM

‘Global terrorist’ Masood Azhar of Jaish has a long history of tirades against India

The US Treasury is prohibiting Americans from “engaging in any transactions” with three Pakistan-based militants and a front group.

07 May 2019 5:15 AM

By scuttling UNSC move on JeM chief, China has flunked the terrorism test

If China continues to block this designation, these countries may be forced to pursue other actions at the Security Council.

18 Mar 2019 2:11 AM


World watches as India decides on fitting response to Pulwama

The ideology of Pakistan is built on the twin pillars of Islam and antagonism towards India.

20 Feb 2019 1:59 AM

End hostilities, antagonism to live in peace

The book is a valuable addition to the literature on India Pakistan relations.

07 Dec 2018 4:54 AM

It’s time to win back the trust and confidence of Kashmiris

The militancy in the Valley, however, also seems to have developed an autonomous raison d’etre in the absence of any political dialogue.

22 Nov 2018 4:16 AM

Article 35A touches a raw nerve

Parliament has no power to legislate law about the subject’s administration of justice, the land and the other immovable properties, etc.

15 Aug 2018 12:21 AM

In Kashmir, the situation has worsened in last 4 years

Azad tried his level best to stay in power by garnering support of Farooq Abdullah’s National Conference (NC).

07 Aug 2018 1:04 AM


People’s clear preference in 2019: United Opposition

The only mantra for Opposition to blunt the BJP pan-India march is to know how to hold together.

23 Jul 2018 12:17 AM

After 29 years of exile, Kashmiri Pandits long to return to Valley

The return of Pandits to their homeland cannot be achieved unless the nation and the people of Kashmir are in unison and create consensus.

11 Jul 2018 4:19 AM

A change of policy is the only way forward in the Valley

The Prime Minister’s flip-flop political and diplomatic efforts so far have not brought peace in Kashmir.

25 Jun 2018 12:27 AM

Shujaat Bukhari: A rare voice of moderation, reason is silenced

Shujaat Bukhari was an accomplished journalist with exceptional clarity on varied issues.

18 Jun 2018 1:33 AM

Declaring unilateral truce in Kashmir not a big deal

The plea from members of various concerned citizen groups isn’t preposterous.

14 May 2018 12:15 AM


Antagonism towards India is Pakistan’s policy pillar

The Narendra Modi government’s policy to isolate Pakistan from the UAE, Central Asian countries and other relevant nations has succeeded.

03 May 2018 4:50 AM

Kashmir spins out of control

Meanwhile, Pakistan waged a proxy war through armed tribal militia backed by its regular army with agenda to annex Kashmir.

20 Apr 2018 1:30 AM

A perpetually bleeding paradise

The government should worry more about winning back the trust of the people and let the terrorism be handled by the security forces.

08 Apr 2018 4:18 AM