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Malati Mathur

Vivekananda’s Hinduism valued human agency, rejected doxa

Vivekananda was outspoken regarding his thoughts on notions of purity

03 Sep 2023 9:13 AM

Book Review | What pooped on my step and other whodunits

This is a book that would be anagreeable gift for young daughters and sons or nieces and nephews.

09 Jul 2023 12:15 AM

Book Review | Illness as a metaphor for the Indian condition

All in all, a book that draws attention to the vibrancy of writing in the bhashas and the range and variety of topics that they cover.

11 Jun 2023 12:24 AM

Book Review | One young Indian maps changing nation, finds hope amid violence

The book is a grim reminder of what happens when one remains silent — the toll it exacts on both the silencer and the silencee.

16 Apr 2023 12:35 AM

Book Review | Naturalist’s whodunit is crisp and satisfying

Review of 'Death in Shambles' by Stephen Alter.

12 Mar 2023 12:36 AM


Book Review | Hard-hitting social drama questions privilege

Review of 'No Way In' by Udayan Mukherjee

12 Feb 2023 12:30 AM

Book Review | The Memsahib among Indians, her ‘burden’ and her doubts

Book Review of 'Memsahibs: British Women in Colonial India' by Ipshita Nath

06 Nov 2022 1:52 AM

Book Review | Man of contradictions who galvanised Hindi literature

Review of Writer Rebel Soldier Lover: The Many Lives of Agyeya by Akshaya Mukul

25 Sep 2022 7:54 AM

Book Review | Love, and the dilemmas of devadasi life

A novel that beautifully echoes the sentiment of the Devadasi community

04 Sep 2022 2:13 AM


Book Review | How youth is misspent in Kumbakonam

The acclaimed Tamil novel 'Pasitha Manidam', set in the Tamil heartland, is about human nature with its blemishes and beauty

26 Jun 2022 12:12 AM

Book Review | Chronicle of a ‘normal’ murder, foretold staggeringly

While the theme may seem predictable, crime & retribution, it unfolds in surprising ways and that ultimately, is the strength of this novel

15 May 2022 12:41 AM

Book Review | How humanity redeems the individual

Many of the stories end on a note of satisfaction for the reader, as when retribution or karma catches up

13 Mar 2022 12:46 AM

A telling account of how real women feel, imperfectly rendered in English

The slim volume is valuable in that it draws readers into the world of Tamil writing of which they would otherwise be deprived

22 Jan 2022 6:45 PM

Shipshape: One of our best ships ever

I commanded the INS Viraat for a full one year and I have to start by saying that in my 40-year naval career, that stint was the best, ever.

03 Nov 2016 1:23 AM