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How to reduce weight instantly

Follow these four simple guidelines to shed those extra kilos.

18 Sep 2019 2:32 PM

Detoxifying your liver, kidneys and bladder is easy

These simple practices work wonders for keeping your organs healthy.

18 Sep 2019 1:30 PM

Female athletes seek speciality medical treatment later in life

Female athletes seek speciality care later than males: Study.

18 Sep 2019 10:40 AM

A little lip gloss goes a long way

Matte lipstick took over the market with a storm and were all the rage among fashionistas.

18 Sep 2019 12:21 AM

Sleeping right after eating isn’t that bad

More than when you eat, it’s how much and what you eat that matters.

17 Sep 2019 7:30 PM


Paracetamol intake during pregnancy can be problematic

Paracetamol intake during pregnancy can lead to hyperactivity and attention disorders in children.

17 Sep 2019 7:23 PM

Lifestyle changes can prevent diabetes

A new study examines how changes in lifestyle patterns affect risk of diabetes.

17 Sep 2019 6:30 PM

Eliminating this protein can help tackle common cold

A new research studies the enzyme targeted by cold viruses.

17 Sep 2019 5:19 PM

World Patient Safety Day: Marking global health priority

WHO to commemorate World Patient Safety Day annually every year on 17th September.

17 Sep 2019 11:06 AM

Anaemia can lead to cause of dengue

Study says anaemia may contribute to the spread of dengue.

17 Sep 2019 9:43 AM


Sleep disruption known to have harmful effect on metabolism

Studies reveal that lack of sleep affects fat metabolism.

17 Sep 2019 9:34 AM

How to sleep well at night

Get a good night’s sleep by following these simple ideas.

16 Sep 2019 8:30 PM

How to work on your decision-making skills

Read on to know about the four factors can influence your decision-making.

16 Sep 2019 7:49 PM

What to avoid eating if you're constipated

Disturbed bowel movements are caused by certain foods.

16 Sep 2019 2:06 PM

Introverts can improve their happiness levels

A new study has revealed that people with outgoing personality have higher happiness levels.

16 Sep 2019 1:05 PM


Power naps are good for your heart

Siesta improves your heart health, finds study.

16 Sep 2019 11:46 AM

This pyjamas can monitor your health as you sleep

Researchers introduce 'pyjamas' to monitor your health as you sleep.

16 Sep 2019 9:45 AM

The enemy within

Other diseases, like systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), affect the whole body.

16 Sep 2019 12:39 AM

What eating too much protein does to your health

A protein-rich diet is often recommended for many reasons, but too much protein can be dangerous for your health.

15 Sep 2019 3:42 PM

Weight loss: Control alcohol consumption to get better results

We know your version of Oktoberfest started long ago, but it’s time to rethink.

15 Sep 2019 1:54 PM