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Mohan Guruswamy | How Hindus and Muslims misunderstood secularism

Sensitivity to each other’s feelings and aspirations has to be a mutual affair

21 May 2022 12:52 AM

Farrukh Dhondy | Which is the real ‘War on the West’? By Putin & Trump, or the ‘woke’ guys?

Indian historians have been rewriting and telling the truth about colonial history for at least a century

21 May 2022 12:22 AM

Patralekha Chatterjee | Climate crisis to be India’s biggest threat this century

One reason wheat prices have shot up has to do with the intense heatwave that struck parts of India from March

20 May 2022 12:15 AM

Shikha Mukerjee | Rahul’s role as Congress’ heir not at all apparent

It was obvious long before and reconfirmed after political strategist Prashant Kishor’s firm but polite refusal of party’s membership offer

19 May 2022 12:12 AM

Dilip Cherian | Cool-off debate rages on amid MNC absorbing senior officials

The recent appointment of Archana Goyal Gulati, former member of Niti Aayog and CCI, at Google, has revived the old debate

19 May 2022 12:04 AM


Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay | To stop all political misuse, speedy police reforms vital

As recent events demonstrate, every party prefers having the law enforcers acting as a private militia

18 May 2022 12:40 AM

Aakar Patel | Sedition not the only law that should go. There are many more…

Once it dawns on the judiciary that some laws are out of place in a 21st century democracy, then problematic laws will fall

17 May 2022 1:52 AM

K.C. Singh | Sri Lanka, India & China: The Great Game resumes

India has a great opportunity to rebuild its hold on maritime neighbourhood, when the Opposition has begun an anti-India chant in Maldives

17 May 2022 12:49 AM

Sanjaya Baru | The Mahatma Brand: From Nehru to Prashant Kishor

The Indian National Congress was the first political party, inspired by the Mahatma, to successfully launch itself as a party of government

16 May 2022 12:13 AM

Pavan K. Varma | India isn’t Sri Lanka, but must draw lessons

India is facing major problems of unemployment and inflation

15 May 2022 12:42 AM


Anita Katyal | Why Sibal is not at Udaipur; Cong in Nagaland bonds over music

It is possibly for the same reason that Mr Sibal decided not to attend the Congress chintan shivir at Udaipur

15 May 2022 12:18 AM

Shailaja Khanna | What makes this festival in Kashi a treat for the soul

Performing at the temple is not easy — the recitals are interrupted by temple rituals at midnight and the break of dawn

15 May 2022 12:12 AM

Shobhaa De | What does sedition law have to do with Pasoori?

The song is more a metaphor for India and Pakistan tensions than a love song

13 May 2022 11:55 PM

Farrukh Dhondy | How will history remember BoJo: ‘Churchillian’ or for UK breakup?

BoJo fancies himself as a second Winston Churchill with constant posturing about defying Vladimir Putin as Churchill did with Adolf Hitler

13 May 2022 11:55 PM

Anand K. Sahay | Is India doing a rethink on role in Afghanistan?

It seems likely that an Indian representation will soon be restored in Kabul, even if this will be small and not at the level of ambassador

13 May 2022 12:17 AM


Maura Moynihan | Ilhan Omar: An American agent of Pakistan-CPC Wahhabi lobby?

Ilhan Omar most certainly advances the agenda of the CPC-Wahhabi lobby

13 May 2022 12:04 AM

Dilip Cherian | Centre warns officers filing false info on behalf of state

Apparently, the problem has grown alarmingly so that finance secretary T.V. Somanathan had to step in

12 May 2022 1:49 AM

Sunanda K. Datta-Ray | Violence in Indian life: Can rulers take steps to curb it?

Drifting towards bigotry and blinkers, we must bear in mind that there is a domestic as well as an international dimension to these trends

12 May 2022 1:09 AM

Saeed Naqvi | Sanctions hit Europe as US wants it weak: Putin adviser

The re-emergence of Russia with the help of friends who don’t want Western hegemony, is unacceptable to the West

11 May 2022 12:36 AM

Abhijit Bhattacharyya | Ukraine poses a big crisis for ‘political’ Christianity

Political empires and the papacy of course don’t sail in the same boat any longer, as was the case in the Middle Ages in Europe

11 May 2022 12:18 AM