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A big ‘no’ to regulation

Youngsters do not approve of the Supreme Court directive to regulate content of online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar.

15 May 2019 6:22 AM

Guts and glory!

Dr A. Seema and her team have developed a wearable device that can detect breast cancer, for which they bagged the Nari Shakti Puraskar.

12 May 2019 5:18 AM

Love that crosses borders

Author and screenwriter Arpit Vageria’s latest book Love Knows No LOC narrates the story of an Indian cricketer and a Pakistani pop-star.

09 May 2019 5:56 AM

Tughlaq retold

Anuja Chandramouli’s latest fiction is about sultan Muhammad bin Tughlaq, who, according to her, was terribly misunderstood by historians.

05 May 2019 12:05 AM

Seize the moment

Author of The Beauty of the Moment, Tanaz Bhathena, says her life inspired her to write this book.

02 May 2019 12:06 AM


What women want

Srishti Chaudhary, author of Once Upon a Curfew, talks about the reasons why she decided to set the novel in the Emergency period.

28 Apr 2019 2:34 AM

Kanayi Kunhiraman’s Yakshi is secular

Eminent sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman on the concept of his controversial work Yakshi, and the change in public’s perspective after 50 years.

10 Apr 2019 12:10 AM

Poetry that heals

Natasha Malpani Oswal, author of Boundless, says the book intends to motivate women.

28 Mar 2019 5:15 AM

‘This is my surprise’

Chetan Bhagat during the launch of the Malayalam translation of his book The Girl in Room 105, relives his attempt to pen a murder mystery.

27 Mar 2019 1:39 AM

An ode to women

Novoneel Chakraborty talks about his autobiographical novel Half Torn Hearts.

21 Mar 2019 1:49 AM


The ivory screen

Baahubali makers buy rights for screen adaptation of Manu S. Pillai's The Ivory Throne.

21 Mar 2019 1:49 AM

Ripples of history

Popular writer and historian Sunil Amrith’s latest book unruly waters... traces the history of South Asia through its climate.

24 Feb 2019 1:14 AM

A‘gogh’ about poppy flowers

Vish Dhamija’s eighth book The Heist Artist is about a conman’s mission to track down and steal Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting Poppy Flowers.

14 Feb 2019 1:52 AM

Smashing success

International beach volleyball player Alexa Chitra Strange is in Kochi to do commentary for the Pro Volleyball League happening in Kochi.

06 Feb 2019 2:28 AM

Small town tales

Sahitya Akademi Award winner Anees Salim talks about his tales, inspired from his unimaginative childhood, the paths he traversed & the people he met.

03 Feb 2019 8:24 AM


Art of energy

French artist Catherine Stoll-Simon’s paintings at Kashi Art Gallery explore feminine energy.

31 Jan 2019 1:58 AM

Art comes a full circle

Mandala designs are the new black in interior décor.

29 Jan 2019 12:09 AM

Endless endurance forever

The death of Anliya Hygenous once again triggers the discussion ‘why women endure torture in marriage’?

27 Jan 2019 12:15 AM

Tales of the vanquished

Aditya Iyengar explores the history of the Chola Empire through a prisoner’s eyes.

24 Jan 2019 12:30 AM

Campaigning for humanity

Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez has launched the campaign Jacqueline Builds in Kerala, to help the flood victims.

15 Jan 2019 6:53 AM