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wildlife protection

Kerala elephant death: One person arrested

The 15-year-old elephant is suspected to have consumed a pineapple filled with powerful fire crackers.

05 Jun 2020 12:17 PM

Dog who lost five puppies lets baby Capuchin monkey ride on her back

The Police are considering separating the duo and sending the monkey back to its natural habitat. 

19 Feb 2018 5:40 PM

China to release second captive panda pair into the wild

The captive stock lacks genetic diversity.

18 Nov 2017 6:49 PM

Climate change may slowly starve bamboo lemurs: study

The study analysed the anatomic, behavioural and paleontological data of lemurs along with climate data.

31 Oct 2017 3:40 PM

Wildlife photo exhibition to underscore preserving habitat

The exhibition displays photos of blackbuck, changeable hawk eagle, sambar deer, spotted deer and many more exotic animals.

08 Oct 2017 12:31 PM


Koala survives 16 km drive trapped under car tyre

The female koala had crawled into the wheel arch while the car was parked.

18 Sep 2017 5:04 PM

Sides agree to stop monkeying around in primate selfie suit

Monkey see. Monkey sue. Monkey settle.

12 Sep 2017 5:24 PM

Mumbai: Brave mom pounces on leopard to save son

The leopard, according to the mother, had leapt out of a dense thicket and pounced on her son, at around nine on Monday night.

22 Mar 2017 7:35 PM