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Saikat Datta

Saikat Datta | Losing face to the Chinese

The ongoing disengagement is a setback to India’s strategic interests

09 Jul 2020 10:52 PM

Saikat Datta | India's intel agencies make no use of big data analytics

The Galwan Valley skirmish and the COVID-19 crisis have both showed up our intelligence frailties

26 Jun 2020 10:45 AM

Chinese intrusions and India's limited options

Reliable military and intelligence sources now say that the death toll of Indian soldiers is higher and could be more than 40 soldiers

18 Jun 2020 7:13 PM

Saikat Datta: Why we lurch from one disaster to another

We have no institutional memory of what worked and what didn't in past crises

11 Apr 2020 11:16 PM

India must bridge huge gaps to tackle Covid-19

India has a law on epidemics that dates back to 1897

20 Mar 2020 8:53 AM


Shine with self-love

Self-love is a process, an inward journey where one dedicates one’s time for oneself

31 Aug 2016 9:56 PM

Say hello to happiness

“Hello, happiness! Will you be my friend ” This is a common quest made by people for the most sought after emotion in our lives.

17 Aug 2016 10:26 PM