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Guru Gobind Singh

India’s history without blinkers

For far too long, Independent India has believed that history must be partisan, sanitised, shackled

27 Dec 2022 11:32 PM

India must break free from narrow views: PM Modi

Modi says any country with such history must be self-confident

27 Dec 2022 8:33 AM

Mystic Mantra: Guru Gobind Singh - One word, one world

The Guru extols the Sikhs to fight against sectarian forces and to remain fearless in the path of truth and justice.

14 Jan 2020 4:39 AM

Fateh TV - A leap of faith, in the domain of faith

The 24x7 Gurbani telecasting channel has expanded extensively over the past 6 years spreading its wings globally.

11 Dec 2019 3:46 PM

Mystic Mantra — Baisakhi: A harbinger of sacred and secular

The day of Baisakhi marks a new beginning and falls on 13th April as per the Gregorian calendar.

13 Apr 2019 1:33 AM


Mystic Mantra: My Mita, my friend

A person in love does not believe in any kind of distinction.

09 Feb 2019 2:15 AM

PM Modi targets Cong over 1984 riots, ‘mistake’ of Partition

Modi said be it Guru Nanak or Guru Gobind Singh, they had taught us to be on the side of justice.

14 Jan 2019 3:09 AM

Mystic Mantra: Guru Gobind Singh - A martyr

Guru Gobind Singh also composed poetry to put courage into his Sikhs.

12 Jan 2019 12:24 AM

Bajrang Dal puts bounty of Rs 5 Lakh on Sidhu’s head

Will give strong reply when needed: Mantri after rebuke on Pakistan visit.

21 Aug 2018 12:35 AM

Mystic Mantra: Baisakhi — Harvest, happiness, holy

Baisakhi is celebrated all over the country since it marks the ripening of the rabi harvest.

14 Apr 2018 6:05 AM


Rs 350 coin to mark birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh

Coin with standard weight of 35 gram will have 50 per cent silver, 40 per cent copper and 5 per cent each of nickel and zinc.

29 Mar 2018 10:21 AM

Mystic Mantra: Everything is temporary

Time changes and all that is there passes away or changes form.

04 Jan 2018 2:58 AM

Delhi BJP divided over Kulwant Singh Baath resignation

Many feel his exit may hurt Sikh community, while others seek early removal.

29 Oct 2017 2:37 AM

Kulwant Singh Baath quits as BJP vice-president

Had skipped meet attended by RSS chief Says move to avoid row.

28 Oct 2017 1:27 AM

Mystic Mantra: Gatka — An union of mind, body and spirit

Gatka is a technique that involves a series of combat training systems like duels and the use of weapons.

24 Jun 2017 2:48 AM


Mystic Mantra: Let’s be pure

The turning point of the ceremony was a request by the Guru to initiate him into the Khalsahood by the Panj-Piyaras.

19 May 2017 12:46 AM

Mystic Mantra: Why call her inferior?

In Sikhism women are considered equal to men, with same souls, sensibilities and levels of spirituality.

23 Mar 2017 4:27 AM

A festival that lit up hearts

The Prakash Utsav was an illustration of the organic link between ideology, conviction and governance.

15 Jan 2017 2:25 AM

Mystic Mantra: Guru Gobind Singh - Sachcha Patshah

Guru Gobind Singh, the Sachcha Patshah, was a firm believer in one Supreme Being.

05 Jan 2017 6:53 AM

Eye on polls, January 5 declared a holiday

The formal approval for the holiday was accorded by newly-appointed lieutenant-governor Anil Baijal.

05 Jan 2017 4:16 AM