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After completing their formal education, the Sethi sisters conceptualised the boutique-like Artisan Lab


Noor and Neimat bring their expertise to create a sustainable world

Through their store, the sisters decided to bring their expertise in design, food and hospitality to create a posh hub for millennials.

First impressions are not always accurate. They seem to inveigle themselves to being known as ‘last impressions’ but I have learnt that such opinions don’t always measure up in the long run


Nisha Jamwal | Can’t judge a person on the first meet

Don’t let your first impression of someone be your last impression, or you could lose out on a beautiful relationship


Neha Dhupia lashes out at the rampant mudslinging, says the trend must stop

Referring to the mudslinging that has been rampant in the film world of late, Neha says it has to be stopped