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Huawei hopes for Britain-like solution in New Zealand 5G bid

Britain will ban Huawei from all core parts of 5G network but give it some access to non-core parts.

28 Apr 2019 2:07 PM

Greece calls for return of relics from British museum

Greece: Free our marbles from British Museum's 'murky prison'.

15 Apr 2019 6:32 PM

Britain plans social media watchdog to battle harmful content

Internet companies may face big fines, with bosses also held personally accountable, under rules to be policed by an independent regulator.

09 Apr 2019 12:37 PM

Britain managing Huawei risks, has no evidence of spying

Britain had yet to decide on its security policy for national 5G networks.

21 Feb 2019 12:43 PM

British lawmakers launch investigation into bank IT failures

The cross-party Treasury Committee of lawmakers said it will examine how financial firms are trying to guard against IT failings.

25 Nov 2018 10:47 AM


Britain to target online giants with new 'Digital Services Tax'

The tax will be designed to ensure established tech giants, rather than start-ups, shoulder the burden.

30 Oct 2018 8:08 AM

Britain to create 2,000-strong cyber force to tackle Russia threat

The new force which is expected to be announced soon would represent a near four-fold increase in manpower.

21 Sep 2018 10:52 AM

Quarter of adults too inactive, putting health at risk

There has been no improvement in global levels of physical activity since 2001, according to the study.

06 Sep 2018 9:09 AM

Hottest summer in decades helps uncover archaeological sites around Britain

Cropmarks - patterns of shading in crops and grass seen most clearly from the air - form faster in hot weather as the fields dry out.

16 Aug 2018 11:22 AM

Royal wedding gospel choir gets record deal

The choir has been performing for more than 20 years.

25 Jul 2018 2:51 PM


Britain says Huawei shortcomings expose new telecom networks risks

Huawei says no inspection has ever found any backdoor vulnerabilities in its equipment.

20 Jul 2018 9:22 AM

Britain backs Scottish spaceport plan with over GBP 30 million in grants

Under the plans, US group Lockheed and its partners will receive 23.5 million pounds in grants from the UK Space Agency.

16 Jul 2018 8:12 PM

Queen marks 100 years of Britain's RAF ahead of flypast

Some 1,300 serving RAF men and women were then due to parade down The Mall.

10 Jul 2018 6:16 PM

Britain moves closer to legalizing medicinal use of cannabis

But the review will not consider legalizing the drug for recreational purposes.

04 Jul 2018 1:59 PM

Shocking: Secret files reveal British spies spent years trying to catch UFO to build superweapons

Declassified files reveal Govt was concerned Soviet Union of China had a UFO and were using its secret to develop super-fast warplanes.

02 Jul 2018 7:49 PM


Britain may get first saint in 400 years

Ex-public schoolboy who fought in WW2 and cared for lepers in Zimbabwe before being executed could finally be recognised.

30 May 2018 1:15 PM

German mail service to deliver British milk floats

Milk & More said the Deutsche Post StreetScooter order aimed to keep milk deliveries quiet and environmentally friendly.

29 May 2018 7:20 PM

The internet: A dangerous place for wild animals

IFAW's wildlife crime director said: "The internet has transformed the global economy, and illegal wildlife trade has transformed with it."

23 May 2018 11:51 AM

Genes linked with sunburn, skin cancer risk

Eight of the genes had been associated with skin cancer in previous research.

08 May 2018 9:11 PM

Toasting UK royals with a 'Markle Sparkle?' It's an American thing

The drink menu features cocktails with a British twist in ‘Harry and Meghan’ commemorative memorabilia mugs.

06 May 2018 11:28 AM