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Garry Kasparov

Online Nations Cup Chess: Legend Kasparov and Kramnik join forces

The new 'match of the century' will be global, entirely online, and also gender-inclusive with each team having one female player

22 Apr 2020 1:04 PM

Imran Khan and 5 other sportspersons who switched to politics

Imran Khan is fondly remembered for leading the country to their first-ever World Cup in 1992.

26 Jul 2018 5:18 PM

Priceless artefacts adorn ‘chess paradise’

Manuel Glave, a Peruvian chess lover present during the museum excursion, also knew about our Prag.

01 Jul 2018 2:21 AM

Top of the line: Chess machine using AI goes for opponent’s throat

In the return match between Deep Blue versus Kasparov, the machine defeated the man 4.5-3.5.

07 Jan 2018 1:44 AM

After 12 years, Kasparov will be back to competitive chess on Monday

The world’s current No. 1 player, Magnus Carlsen of Norway, will not be there, however.

14 Aug 2017 6:36 AM


AI: Our dystopian future

The issue is that of artificial intelligence becoming smarter than man.

30 Apr 2017 4:50 AM