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Parker Solar Probe: World's first mission to touch Sun lifts off, says NASA

Liftoff took place from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in the US early on Sunday.

12 Aug 2018 1:24 PM

NASA’s flight to sun delayed due to technical problem

The $1.5 billion mission is already a week late because of rocket issues.

12 Aug 2018 10:42 AM

Minutes before lift-off, launch of spacecraft to explore Sun postponed

The reason for delay was not immediately clear, but was called for after a gaseous helium alarm was sounded in last moments before liftoff.

11 Aug 2018 4:00 PM

NASA minutes away from launch of first spacecraft to explore Sun

NASA’s car-sized, USD 1.5 bn Parker Solar Probe is scheduled to launch on Delta IV Heavy rocket during a 65-minute launch window.

11 Aug 2018 1:38 PM

How will Orion survive deep space?

Orion has built-in technologies that enable the crew and spacecraft to explore far into the solar system.

05 Aug 2018 5:26 PM


Sunita Williams, 8 others to fly on Boeing, SpaceX spacecraft: NASA

The space agency announced that the nine astronauts will launch on the first crewed test flights and missions of new commercial spacecraft.

04 Aug 2018 8:15 AM

NASA announces astronauts for first manned US space launches since 2011

The astronauts named on Friday will be carried aloft aboard spacecraft developed by entrepreneur Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Boeing Co.

04 Aug 2018 7:56 AM

One giant sale: Neil Armstrong’s collection goes to auction

Neil Armstrong’s ‘moon mission’ collection goes to auction.

21 Jul 2018 3:26 PM

NASA to fly Parker probe into Sun's scorching atmosphere

The Parker probe is set to fly into the Sun’s corona within 3.8 million miles (6.1 million km) from the solar surface.

21 Jul 2018 2:43 PM

Ten newly found moons of Jupiter include a 'wrong-way driver'

A research team in Washington has identified 12 small Jovian moons, including the 10 described here.

18 Jul 2018 8:54 AM


NASA discovers 'spider-like' occurences on Mars

This is a seasonal occurrence on the Martian South Pole.

15 Jul 2018 7:36 PM

Viking 1 accidentally destroyed proof of organic coumpunds

The rover’s soil sampler accidentally burned up the organic compounds in the Martian soil.

15 Jul 2018 7:16 PM

NASA commercial crew program for space station faces delays, report says

Plans to launch the first NASA astronauts since 2011 to the International Space Station from the United States look set to be delayed.

12 Jul 2018 8:51 PM

NASA needs backup plan as US crew launches slip: Report

NASA has been paying Russia up to $82 million a seat to ferry US astronauts to and from the ISS.

12 Jul 2018 8:14 AM

Kepler Telescope almost out of fuel, goes in to hibernation

Kepler will remain asleep before scientists switch it on for one last time to point it towards the Earth for sending data.

10 Jul 2018 7:51 AM


Europa's ocean ascending to surface: NASA

Scientists focused on linear features called "bands" and "groove lanes" found on Jupiter's moons Europa and Ganymede.

09 Jul 2018 7:58 PM

NASA spacecraft sending back close-ups of dwarf planet Ceres

The spacecraft has been circling Ceres since 2015.

04 Jul 2018 11:02 AM

China working on super powerful rocket capable of outpacing NASA

By 2030, Long March-9 rocket will be able to carry 140 tonnes into low-Earth orbit where TV, earth observation satellites currently fly.

02 Jul 2018 6:52 PM

Mysterious meteorite from the Pacific is NASA's next subject

The extraction will be carried by an exploration vehicle, making it the first instance of meteorite extraction from the ocean.

02 Jul 2018 2:22 PM

India’s quest to find a trillion-dollar nuclear fuel on the Moon

China is the only country to put a lander and rover on the moon this century with its Chang’e 3 mission in 2013.

30 Jun 2018 11:44 AM