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Reliance, Chevron defend against US criticism of oil business with Venezuela

The White House has yet to enforce secondary sanctions announced in August aimed at non-US companies buying Venezuelan oil.

07 Feb 2020 12:36 PM

Not involved in any cash payment arrangement to Venezuela's PDVSA for oil: RIL

PDVSA is only the original physical supplier, as the crude oil originates in its export facilities

20 Apr 2019 2:54 PM

Reliance says not breaching US sanctions against Venezuela

Reliance’s few transportation fuel shipments to Venezuela, treated as offsets for crude oil receipts.

23 Mar 2019 10:16 AM

Reliance selling fuels from India to Venezuela to avoid US sanctions

Reliance had been supplying alkylate, diluent naphtha, and other fuel to Venezuela though its US-based subsidiary.

21 Mar 2019 8:57 AM

Reliance halts oil exports to Venezuela in view of US sanctions

Reliance has investments in US shale gas projects and trades fuel in North America.

14 Mar 2019 9:14 AM


Venezuela turns to India for major oil exports as US sanctions bite

Venezuela's oil exports have tapered off and shifted toward India since new US sanctions began on January 28.

13 Feb 2019 11:03 AM

ONGC gets USD 32 million payment from Venezuela's PDVSA

PDVSA paid about USD 90 million of that but has not paid the rest.

05 Dec 2018 11:26 AM