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russian hackers

Russia trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine data, say UK, US and Canada

Private sector cybersecurity researchers who had spotted the malware over the last year were unaware of its Russian origins until Thursday

17 Jul 2020 9:11 AM

Russian hackers increasingly targeting US corporations with ransomware

Cybersecurity firm Symantec says it has identified at least 31 targets in the United States, including eight Fortune 500 companies.

27 Jun 2020 8:12 PM

Hacking the hackers: Russian group hijacked Iranian spying operation, officials say

The hacking campaign was most active in the Middle East but also targeted British organisations, posing as attackers from Islamic Republic.

22 Oct 2019 10:47 AM

Russians have hacked thousands of home, office routers, FBI warns

FBI urged the owners of many brands to turn them off and on again and download updates from the manufacturer to protect themselves.

26 May 2018 7:55 AM

Russia’s hackers, trolls, media pose great threat to security of west countries

Following a 2016 hack attack on the US Democratic Party's servers, they rapidly multiplied after Trump's election.

18 Dec 2017 12:32 PM


Russian hacking story takes new turn: Trump was hacked 2 yrs before presidency

It is not known whether the hackers who tampered with the Trump addresses are the same ones who stole Democratic officials’ emails.

06 Nov 2017 6:22 PM

Russian hackers feel the heat as Trump seeks warmer Moscow ties

Alexander Vinnik was arrested on money-laundering charges at a Greek hotel in late July.

26 Aug 2017 8:32 AM

FBI confirms investigation of alleged Russian links to Donald Trump campaign

James Comey said that he could not say more about the matter because the investigation was classified.

20 Mar 2017 9:26 PM