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Ivanka Trump Page-2

Evangelicals are hardcore Trump supporters

Many Jewish fundamentalists share the evangelicals’ beliefs — up to a point.

29 May 2018 12:49 AM

Photo of Ivanka Trump cuddling son faces backlash amid migration woes

The outrage is growing over a federal government policy to separate the children of undocumented migrants from their parents.

28 May 2018 5:35 PM

Laurel, Yanny or covfefe? White House joins in on debate

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway pokes fun at her endless willingness to spin and bend the truth for the president.

18 May 2018 3:26 PM

Trump’s aide, adviser, son-in-law Kushner loses access to Top Secret briefings

On Friday, Mr Trump said he would leave it to Kelly to settle the security clearance dispute with Kushner.

28 Feb 2018 5:53 PM

‘Inappropriate’ to ask about sexual allegations against her father: Ivanka Trump

Ivanka was confronted by a journalist and asked her about the women who accuse her father of sexual misconduct before he became President.

27 Feb 2018 10:48 AM


Ivanka Trump, N Korean general to attend Winter Olympics closing ceremony

The Pyeongchang Games have become a venue for geopolitics as much as sports.

22 Feb 2018 7:43 PM

Donald Trump Jr kickstarts India visit by meeting real estate developers in Delhi

The junior Trump met members of real estate firms M3M India and Tribeca Developers.

20 Feb 2018 3:53 PM

Ivanka dons plaid for SOTU address

Meanwhile, Melania Trump was seen trotting in an all-white ensemble.

31 Jan 2018 1:22 PM

Ivanka Trump reveals US President's 'hair raising' secret

First daughter told friends he had scalp reduction surgery and was too impatient to wait for colour to take full effect, claims new book.

04 Jan 2018 1:32 PM

He not only lost his job, but also his mind: Trump slams Steve Bannon

The book -- the 'Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,' by journalist Michael Wolff -- is to be published next week.

04 Jan 2018 10:38 AM


Trump, quite literally, cuts the red tape on regulations

Trump said his administration is conducting the most far-reaching regulatory reform process in American history.

15 Dec 2017 12:06 PM

Indian-American key figure in Trump’s deregulation scheme

Neomi Jehangir Rao had recently accompanied Ivanka on her India trip.

15 Dec 2017 10:45 AM

Mystic Mantra: Liberate the man, please!

Everybody is made of male and female chromosomes, without that no birth is possible.

07 Dec 2017 1:15 AM

After Ivanka, will papa Donald come calling soon?

Trump recently enjoyed what were reckoned successful tours of China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines.

05 Dec 2017 5:37 AM

Trump, Modi speak over phone; express satisfaction over GES

This year's summit focused on supporting women entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth globally.

02 Dec 2017 11:42 AM


Telangana minister seeks PM view on ‘marriage’

Telangana minister was sharing dais with Ivanka Trump, Cherie Blair.

30 Nov 2017 5:17 AM

US President Donald Trump lauds Ivanka for ‘great work’

US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley also praised 36-year-old Ivanka.

30 Nov 2017 5:09 AM

On day 2, Ivanka visits Golkonda fort before flying to US tonight

Ivanka attended the GES morning session where she stressed on the role of technology in empowering women, professionally and personally.

29 Nov 2017 5:27 PM

Trump praises Ivanka for her business meet in India

This is the eighth annual GES and the first time the GES has taken place in South Asia.

29 Nov 2017 4:52 PM

Ivanka Trump to visit Hyderabad’s Golkonda Fort before leaving for US

Ivanka Trump will visit Golkonda Fort on Wednesday afternoon before she wraps up her two-day visit to India.

29 Nov 2017 3:11 PM