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Akshay's Toilet: Ek Prem Katha finds mention in Bill Gates' list of inspiring moments this year

Gates praised the film for educating audiences on the crisis, which sees one in 10 deaths in India linked to poor hygiene.

20 Dec 2017 10:26 AM

Must read books of 2017 revealed by Bill Gates

Gates Notes for the fifth year in a row reveals his top five literary picks of the year

08 Dec 2017 1:11 PM

Bill Gates meets Yogi Adityanath, to assist in health sector

Microsoft founder Bill Gates on Friday met UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath and assured further collaboration in the health and education sector.

18 Nov 2017 1:40 AM

Rajnath requests Bill Gates Foundation to develop 'Model Villages' in India

Gates explained the technologies they are using in agriculture and sanitation and assured they will offer constructive support to India.

17 Nov 2017 3:18 PM

This man gave away $50 million for fight against Alzheimer’s

He says men in his family have suffered from Alzheimer's.

14 Nov 2017 9:58 AM


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos topples Bill Gates to become richest man in the world

Amazon stocks zoomed 13 per cent, its biggest leap in two and a half years, swelling Bezos' portfolio by USD 10.4 billion.

29 Oct 2017 1:55 PM

Bill Gates uses an Android with Microsoft apps

Bill Gates appreciates Apple’s efforts towards app ecosystem development but prefers Android with MS apps.

26 Sep 2017 7:49 PM

Satya Nadella turns author

The book also discusses Satya’s childhood before immigrating to the US and how he learned to lead along the way.

10 Sep 2017 12:58 AM

Amazon boss is the richest person

Intra-day trade helps Jeff Bezos move past Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’s net worth.

28 Jul 2017 2:16 AM

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos becomes world's richest person

This development comes in the wake of a surge in Amazon’s shares, just ahead of its earnings results.

27 Jul 2017 9:36 PM


Facebook's Zuckerberg urges Harvard grads to contemplate risk

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has inspired a host of competitors, including Twitter Inc and Snapchat.

26 May 2017 9:07 AM

Jeff Bezos is the second richest person, following Bill Gates

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now the second richest person in the world.

30 Mar 2017 4:02 PM

Bill Gates tops the Forbes 'Richest Men' chart again

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates tops the richest people chart for the fourth time consequently.

22 Mar 2017 10:29 AM

Bill Gates world's richest man again; Trump slips: Forbes

Bill Gates, whose wealth is estimated at USD 86 billion, led the list for the fourth straight year.

20 Mar 2017 9:30 PM

Here are Facebook CEO's plans to debug the world

Zuckerberg, 32, told the AP that he still strongly believes that more connectedness is the right direction for the world.

17 Feb 2017 12:39 PM


Bill Gates could become world's 1st trillionaire: Oxfam

When Gates left Microsoft in 2006, his net worth was USD 50 billion, according to Oxfam.

25 Jan 2017 9:43 AM

Why we should send Bill Gates to Mars

It’s a nice idea, but unfortunately most of these activities will only provide incremental improvements in reducing global carbon emissions.

18 Jan 2017 8:32 PM

Bill Gates invests $140 million in HIV cure

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is providing this funding for groundbreaking new technology which could revolutionise HIV prevention.

05 Jan 2017 5:29 AM

Beware of digital dictatorship

We live in times where the non-working rent collectors and speculators have emerged as the richest billionaires.

02 Jan 2017 1:04 AM

Bill Gates is Reddit user’s Secret Santa

Mr Gates had done his homework, scouring over her past Reddit posts to figure out what she was into.

23 Dec 2016 7:00 AM