Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023 | Last Update : 12:17 AM IST


Study allows artificial neural connection to regain control of paralysed hand

The study showed an ANC successfully allowing a new cortical site to regain control of a paralysed hand within minutes.

08 Jan 2020 3:34 PM

Reducing men in neurology workforce to widen gender gap

Studies reveal that gender gap reducing efforts made to save neurology workforce.

22 Dec 2019 3:30 PM

Scientists draw comparisons in animal model for studying human nervous system

Scientists compare human brain neurons with crabs to validate RNA sequencing.

17 Dec 2019 10:25 AM

Insomnia can lead to serious cardiovascular diseases

Studies reveal that insomnia symptoms linked to cardiovascular diseases.

08 Nov 2019 9:42 AM

Premature birth affects brain health at a later stage in life

Premature birth affects infants' brain health, changes sleep brain activity.

27 Jun 2019 9:56 AM


High blood pressure may cause brain diseases

The risk of brain lesions was higher in people with higher average systolic blood pressure across the years.

12 Jul 2018 3:36 PM

The wonders frequent sauna could do!

Frequent sauna bathing is associated with a reduced risk of stroke.

07 May 2018 8:18 PM

Sauna bathing may reduce risk of stroke: study

The association of sauna bathing with reduced stroke may include a reduction in blood pressure, stimulation of immune system.

03 May 2018 3:45 PM

Physically fit women 90 per cent less likely to develop dementia

This indicates that negative cardiovascular processes may be happening in midlife that could increase dementia risk much later in life.

15 Mar 2018 4:54 PM

Eye and balance exercises may ease multiple sclerosis symptoms

Multiple sclerosis can lead to fatigue, pain, vision loss and impaired coordination and motor skills.

19 Feb 2018 10:29 AM


In-person license renewal may reduce crashes involving people with dementia

When an older adult has dementia, families have to balance between the safety of letting them on the road and lack of independence.

19 Feb 2018 10:20 AM

'Selfish brain' wins over muscle power: study

A well-fuelled brain may have offered us better survival odds than well-fuelled muscles when facing an environmental challenge.

24 Oct 2017 1:42 PM