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US authorities expose illegal sex club inside church

The club was opened under the license of a church and authorities were shocked to find out the truth.

15 May 2017 2:12 PM

The yoga poses which are ideal to tackle erectile issues

By maintaining physical well being and relieving stress, yoga can effectively tackle erectile dysfunction.

14 May 2017 5:30 PM

Woman gets paid by men just to humiliate them

Her boyfriend supports her career choice and she has also helped men save their marriage.

14 May 2017 4:08 PM

Here's how not having sex affects people

A major advantage of sex is also better heart health and this goes down when sexual activity stops.

08 May 2017 5:41 PM

Women very unlikely to orgasm during one night stands

There are higher chances of orgasms when people can have a conversation about them, that happens when they know each other better.

08 May 2017 4:01 PM

Free WiFi used for watching porn by 30,000 Mumbaiites

The sites which are blocked come back with new domain names and the process is continuous.

05 May 2017 4:22 PM

Erectile dysfunction may be caused by ATM printouts

Erectile dysfunction has been found to be a common effect of age on men and is also caused by stress.

02 May 2017 5:29 PM

The herb that can help women get better orgasms

It increases testosterone production in women and reduces sexual distress.

01 May 2017 5:23 PM

More people in the US choosing airports to have sex

A large number of people said they had sex with their partners, but five percent said it was with a stranger.

30 Apr 2017 6:02 PM

Here's what women can eat to get bigger breasts

The bra size is also important in checking sagging of breasts along with a workout.

27 Apr 2017 3:23 PM

People reveal top public places where they have had sex

Apart from the thrill of being caught, people can choose from among a wide range of outdoor locations.

25 Apr 2017 5:29 PM

Couples who had sex only after marriage share experience

Couples came out on Reddit and shared experiences which included some hilarious disasters.

24 Apr 2017 3:29 PM

Removing condom without asking partner is a dangerous trend

The shocking practice is not only making women feel violated but is being encouraged among men.

23 Apr 2017 4:49 PM

Risk for heart patients cut by erectile dysfunction drug

The drug cut chances of hospitalisation and death among people who had suffered a heart attack.

21 Apr 2017 4:05 PM

Woman regrets surgery that left her with square breasts

She has been told that removing implants now will leave her breasts in worse shape.

20 Apr 2017 7:30 PM

Women can now have sex during their period

The new product can stop fluids from entering vaginal canal but enables women to have sex without a mess.

19 Apr 2017 8:24 PM

Ways women can get pregnant without having sex

Apart from penetrative sex, there are less changes that a woman might get pregnant but the possibility remains.

18 Apr 2017 4:00 PM

Injection for erectile dysfunction increases penis size

It increases bloodflow and also tissue regeneration as it increases penis size when used with penis pumps.

17 Apr 2017 4:48 PM

Rising number of Indian couples stream sex for fast cash

In the Hyderabad man's case the wife was unaware but in most cases both partners know.

17 Apr 2017 3:59 PM

Oral sex can possibly give people cancer

Men and women can contract HPV virus which causes oral cavity cancers during the act.

16 Apr 2017 4:28 PM