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Anthem for Yoga

Yoga and music complement each other as eminent artistes across the nation join hands on the venture of creating an anthem for the practice.

21 Jun 2019 2:20 AM

AYUSH ministry proposes to introduce Yoga in curriculum

Proposal envisages Yoga as a compulsory subject under the Physical Education (PE) curriculum for school students and collegians

17 Jun 2019 1:26 PM

Mystic Mantra: Gwalior’s Sufi mystic and the yogic experience

Besides a Shattari Sufi pioneer, Ghaus Gwaliyari was one of the first translators of yoga texts to Persian in the 16th century.

15 Jun 2019 2:08 AM

Thousands to observe International Yoga Day at Washington Monument: Indian envoy

The event is being organised by the Indian Embassy here along with 'Friends of Yoga'.

11 Jun 2019 1:10 PM

Watch: PM Modi urges citizens to make yoga an integral part of their lives

He also posted an animated video where he is demonstrating Trikonasana, also known as the triangle pose on the micro-blogging site.

05 Jun 2019 11:24 AM


Fit to Lead

As they say, those who do regular workouts, yoga or any other physical activity regularly hardly fall ill!

07 Apr 2019 1:09 AM

I was my own role model, says Jacqueline Fernandez

Actress & fitness enthusiast Jacqueline Fernandez talks about how everyone can fulfill their dreams with passion and perseverance.

26 Mar 2019 12:50 AM

Yoga has power to bring world together, says Uttarakhand CM

Around 1,200 yoga enthusiasts and practitioners from the country and abroad have registered for the event which will conclude on March 7.

01 Mar 2019 1:11 AM

Mindful TOT for the day

Is it time to have a school and college curriculum that includes yoga, meditation and more? It would seem apt, say city folk.

27 Feb 2019 1:07 AM

Yoga helps regulate BP, claims new study

The patients were divided into two groups.

02 Jan 2019 1:09 AM


Mystic Mantra: Arjuna’s anguish becomes yoga

Yoga is essentially a union, goes on uniting the fragments of one’s personality and integrating them as the whole.

18 Dec 2018 12:19 AM

G20 Summit: Yoga is India's gift to world for health, peace, says PM Modi

'Yoga is India's gift to world for health, wellness and peace. It is bridging the vast distance between India and Argentina,' he said.

30 Nov 2018 2:19 PM

Here’s how you can get healthy, according to lifestyle icon Nawaz Modi Singhania

Nawaz Modi Singhania conducted a Calisthenics workout for participants of Yoga by the Bay on Sunday at Marine Drive.

26 Nov 2018 8:25 PM

Yoga-based rehab therapy safe, beneficial for cardiac patients

The study was conducted in 24 centres in India and covered close to 4,000 patients at or immediately after discharge following a heart attack.

12 Nov 2018 12:22 AM

Yoga based rehab as beneficial as conventional cardiac rehabilitation therapy

The trial demonstrated that, Yoga-CaRe is safe, feasible and significantly improves quality of life.

11 Nov 2018 8:46 PM


Regular yoga practice can improve sperm DNA quality, says study

Adoption of yoga has shown to lower OS, reduce DNA fragmentation, and thus improve genomic integrity and normalise sperm transcripts.

19 Oct 2018 12:08 PM

Rhythmic moves

Oriental Stretch, otherwise known as Thai Massage, is a combination of yoga-like postures and body massage based on team work.

07 Oct 2018 12:51 AM

Rejuvenate yourself with these digital detox hacks!

GenX and millennials want to relax and rejuvenate after working hours and on weekends in their home cities without undergoing any hassle.

05 Sep 2018 4:19 PM

Mystic Mantra: Yoga — The discovery of our own true self

Vedanta talks about the joining of the individual being with the supreme.

31 Jul 2018 12:17 AM

The fight over yoga

Despite India’s ancient connection to the history and practice of yoga, Western media outfits are postulating otherwise, setting off a heated debate.

31 Jul 2018 12:01 AM